1. Heather_Trammel

    Some of my Oldest Surviving """"Art""""

    I recently had to make a trek back to my homestate and move in with my grandparents. Needless to say, I was greeted and treated fairly well by them in spite of having to talk on a lot of things I never expected us to ever breach a conversation about from long ago. Speaking of breaching something...
  2. martelPL

    💠 📎 smol 📸 images Unused Persona 2: Eternal Punishment Artwork Scans N/A

    A collection of 5708x8103 scans of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment promotional artwork including other Atlus games from the time such as SMT III and Digital Devil Story, for your pleasure. Kindly scanned and provided by VeskScans on Twitter.
  3. ninturez0

    💠 🔞 💾 >50GB 📦 misc. Stable Diffusion models 2022-10-14

    Stable Diffusion models now you can generate furry porn on your graphics card! Stable Diffusion v1.4 The original Stable Diffusion model by StabilityAI. Mirror: Hugging Face (requires registration)...
  4. CybrGrl1984

    OC thread

    heres some original characters I made, thought this forum needed a thread for people to post their characters
  5. ninturez0

    💠 📸 images Internet Raytracing Competition (IRTC) 2022-04-29

    Internet Raytracing Competition (IRTC) The Internet Raytracing Competition ran for a decade between 1996 and 2006. While no longer active, the content is still available for those who are interested in the early days of software raytracing.
  6. ninturez0

    💠 📸 images archive 2022-02-24 archive Textures and backgrounds for graphic and web design Juicy engrish from their about page:
  7. ninturez0

    💠 🔞 🎆> 1TB 📸 images Siterip January 2021 (6750 GB compressed)

    This archive is hosted entirely by third-parties and may not be available now, or in the near/far future. Siterip January 2021 (6750 GB compressed) coom I can't find fucking anything about this torrent anywhere on the internet except for listings on DHT indexers. Credit goes to...
  8. ninturez0

    💠 📸 images Metamorphosis Design Free CSS Templates 2022-02-24

    Metamorphosis Design Free CSS Templates They're free for a reason. Crunchy website templates from 2009 to 2013 that look like they could be even older. Not much else to say. Don't expect most of these to actually look good lmao
  9. ninturez0

    💠 📸 images Visual Paradox 3DCG Wallpaper archive 2022-02-24

    Visual Paradox 3DCG Wallpaper archive Thousands of crispy old school 3DCG made in software like Bryce, Terragen and XFrog Info: Examples:
  10. ninturez0

    💠  💻 >500GB 📸 images GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0

    This archive is hosted entirely by third-parties and may no longer be available now, or in the near/far future. GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0 574GB of paid graphics and design resources GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0...
  11. ninturez0

    💠 💾 >50GB 📦 misc. Osamu Sato Archive 2022-02-15

    Osamu Sato is a Japanese digital artist known for his surreal video games and experimental music. His most well known work is LSD Dream Emulator for the Sony Playstation. If you don't already know who this man is, you're in for a hell of a time. This is a mirror of an archive containing some of...
  12. ninturez0

    💠  📜 >25GB 📸 images Render96 Video Game Texture Preservation Project 2022-02-15

    Render96 Video Game Texture Preservation Project includes all items from + wiki and discord server as of 10-15-2021 Render96 is an archival project with the goal of tracking down the original sources of textures and other assets used in popular 3D retro games. The project is...
  13. ninturez0

    💠  📸 images The great icon collection 2022-02-08

    dont share files to redditors The great icon collection literally over 5 million fucking icons of all shapes and sizes and things nobody asked for this and nobody will ever need this Here is 5 million icons, completely unorganized, with the worst folder hierarchies possible. Compiled from a...
  14. ninturez0

    💠 📸 images Magic: The Gathering card images in various resolutions and languages 2022-02-08

    Magic: The Gathering card images in various resolutions and languages contains cards from 234 MTG sets in english, and a smaller amount of cards in other languages There is over 200,000 individual images in the folders, totalling up to just 14GB. These were ripped from which...
  15. ninturez0

    💠 🔞 📸 images NowandLater / CinnamonSpots Telegram sticker archive 2022-02-08

    The following page contains mature or adult material that is not safe for viewing at work. NowandLater / CinnamonSpots Telegram sticker archive furry sticker packs made by a popular artist. 1,171 sticker packs in total, and about 24,000 individual stickers (!!!)
  16. ninturez0

    💠  📸 images world4jack Texture Garden 2022-02-08

    world4jack Texture Garden Over 19000 textures, mostly of the low-res ps1 aesthetic kind src: / (archive) / (archive)
  17. ninturez0

    💠 🎥 video world4jack Youtube Archive (as of August 19 2021) 2022-02-08

    world4jack Youtube Archive (as of August 19 2021) "There should be no limitations on idea and thought. Expression with the boundaries dissolved. Creation unchained. Now let's smoke ya cunts!" src...
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