1. dominicb

    📎 smol 🎶 music OPN's Roland SP-555 Memory Card 05-14-2019

    All the samples from Daniel Lopatin's/OPN's old Roland sample, taken from an SP-555 he sold on Reverb a few years back. Contains a lot of the samples from Replica + a bunch of unused/newer ones. Just found it pretty interesting and wanted to share :> Shoutout to Battle_Crab for ripping these...
  2. frafloofer


  3. slatuka


  4. Heim

    🎶 music The best tool for getting lyrics for your library. 2023-12-31

    Utility for mass-downloading LRC synced lyrics for your offline music library. LRCGET will scan every files in your chosen directory for music files, then and try to download lyrics to a LRC files having the same name and save them to the same directory as your music files. LRCGET is the...
  5. inversionist

    Hardware synth - how to sync with DAW?

    I've been an owner of a Volca Drum for about two months now and while I love messing around with it, I would love to have it play in sync with my DAW - recording can be kinda difficult without it. I know that it can sync with other Volcas through the mini jack, and that it also can be synced...
  6. krvsh


  7. Neonspider

    🎶 music MP3 320 Neo Te Aika - RB-01 (2023) 2023-01-23

    NEO TE AIKA - CATALOG 0001 - REDBOOK - 22/01/23 RB-01 is the debut album of a love letter project to 'Redbook Audio', inspired by the racing games of my childhood. Inspired by soundtracks from games like SEGA Rally Championship (Sega Saturn) and Gran Turismo (PlayStation) - the project...
  8. sasha

    📎 smol 🎶 music Chameleon Complete Discography 2023-09-10

    Chameleon is a lesser known band from the late 70s - early 80s who made some pretty great music. Unfortunately what survives of their music is extremely scattered across the internet, you can't even purchase it anymore. I pulled these files from a MySpace page in like 2020, which was apparently...
  9. I

    Asking the origin of vocals from both tracks

    Reflector 1 - Are U Ready (Deepforces 'Koma' Remix) & Pimp! Code - R U Ready (Club Mix) have exact vocal samples that have been long time ago And then this phrase "Now audience, just listen, I got one single question for you, are you readyyyyy" It could be hardstyle samples. I tried looking...
  10. Cary Quad - Stitches.mp3

    Cary Quad - Stitches.mp3

    An indie rock/emo song by Cary Quad (
  11. Lucario


  12. Cary Quad - Propranolol.mp3

    Cary Quad - Propranolol.mp3

    Track from a new 4-song EP I recently made. If you like it, check out the rest!
  13. martelPL

    Favourite OST's?

    Boring and basic, yeah, but whatever! Post 'em and I'll rate them.
  14. bapbadwoo

    Making pads for that sweet sweet atmosphere

    For me, personally, pads are the main element in the music I make. I don't really like chopping up breaks as much as most, so I'm always on the look out for ways to get good pads. My 3 main methods are: 1. Using a sample - This one's pretty simple. Find a sample pack or yoink one out from a...
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