1. krvsh


  2. ninturez0

    💠 🎶 music Blu Mar Ten - Jungle Jungle 2022-04-23

    Blu Mar Ten - Jungle Jungle A sample pack made entirely out of sounds ripped from other jungle tracks. The original URL mentioned in the PDF that comes with the sample pack appears to be dead. However, the pack itself remains in the "/wp-content" directory on the website, and the pack can...
  3. Johnny Too Bad

    💠  🎶 music Old School Vox 2022-04-12

    I accidentally found this sound pack from a user on soulseek. Luckily i was able to download the entire collection without getting banned (fuck those snobby cunts on soulseek). Because of the fickle nature of soulseek, this pack is too good to be lost from the interwebs. This pack is stuffed...
  4. 「タイプ0」MAGICIAN


    Arabic Nokia Zone Act 2 by BlossomG1rl: blossomg1rl.bandcamp.com Artwork Illustration by Sen (@k0minki): twitter.com/k0minki
  5. Artikal Junglist (Savage States Illegal Mix)

    Artikal Junglist (Savage States Illegal Mix)

    Hard Sci-Fi [email protected]
  6. ninturez0

    💠  💿 >100GB 🎶 music Golden Era Jungle Archive 2022-02-16

    Golden Era Jungle archive 126GB of classic jungle and oldschool dnb mixes Apparently this is a very old website that only recently was restored, after it was hacked. It used to be some sort of forum for exchanging old jungle mixtapes, but now all that is left is their archive of mixes...
  7. ninturez0

    💠 🎶 music [LLC01] Landline Collective - Y2K20 2022-02-16

    [LLC01] Landline Collective - Y2K20 (FLAC) https://landlinecollective.bandcamp.com/ Title Artist Track Length Ether VAPORCHROME 1 04:39 PEEc NANORAY 2 03:28 chuchu2 bye2 3 06:10 Drilla Meat (Gluten Free) DJ KLAPTRAP 4 03:38 Magex Romania 5 02:30 Missed DJ Delph 6 05:51...
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