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Osamu Sato
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Feb 11, 2021
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Osamu Sato is a Japanese digital artist known for his surreal video games and experimental music. His most well known work is LSD Dream Emulator for the Sony Playstation. If you don't already know who this man is, you're in for a hell of a time.

This is a mirror of an archive containing some of his rarest works, in fear of the original going down.

Original uploader notes:
I own the rights to nothing on this site. This site exists solely to archive the works of a prolific artist.


12 February 2021: Added Live From the Studio 2020 audio and album artwork

10 February 2021: Replaced Objectless and ATMBE 808 cassette rips with higher quality recordings;

  Added 2020 and 2021 New Years images; Added new scans in Objectless 1983 artwork;

  Added all Youtube and music videos from 2020-2021; Added Live From The Studio 2020 video;

  Added tracks from Transformed Collection CD, Extra Sunrise 808 Ambient Mix CD;

  Added artwork for I Dub You CD and Extra Sunrise 808 Ambient Mix CD

13 October 2020: Added tracks from Collected Ambient Grooves CD, I Dub You CD,

  and Grateful in All Things CD

17 May 2020: Fixed release year for Germination [from 1995 to 1994]

14 April 2020: Added LSD Revamped Vinyl tracks; Added extra mix to LSD Revamped CD;

  Added note to Objectless Vinyl; Added artwork for The Esoteric Retina;

  Added Roly-Polys no Nanakorobi Yaoki disc image, artwork, and extracted assets;

  Added mirrors for 1998 compu-lsd.com, 2001 compu-osd.com, 2002 compu-lsd.com,

  2010 osd.co.jp, and 2020 osd.co.jp; Made minor adjustments to some directory

  and file names for better clarity

9 January 2020: Added limited edition 2-disc Transmigration + Transcript

23 May 2019: Added 1998 Asmik Ace Promo VHS rip

31 March 2019: Updated All Things Must Be Equal (BLN Edition) with a higher quality rip

20 January 2019: Added Ryuichi Sakamoto - Asian Flowers tracks; Added tracks to Objectless 2017;

  Separated Objectless 2017 CD and Vinyl; Added Interactive Entertainment 16 iso;

  Added Justy Nasty - The Best Clips VHS rip; Added multiple live event posters;

  Added A Happy New Year images; Added Bondage Collection; Added Akabeko Project

31 July 2018: Added LSD Promo Cards & OSD Corporate Identity and Works book

15 July 2018: Added videos and disc image of The Esoteric Retina

27 June 2018: Added music from The Esoteric Retina

21 May 2018: Added LSD Revamped Tracks

14 May 2018: Added All Things Must Be Equal (808 Mono Edition); Added artwork to Eastern Mind (J, Mac);

  Updated Objectless (1983) with higher quality track rips; Added LSD Revamped artwork;

  Added music videos for Fax Factory 2018, Funky Solution 2018, Professional Problem 2018,

  and Long Tall Eyelash 2018; added FunkySolution promo video

19 March 2018: Added tracks for All Things Must Be Equal (BLN Edition)

5 March 2018: Fixed ISO for Tokyo Wakusei Planetokio

9 February 2018: Added artwork to Objectless (1983) and LSD Dream Emulator

22 January 2018: Added videos to Rolypolys and LSD Promo Videos; added LSD Soundfonts; added "UFO" image to Misc;

   Added images to Anonymous Animals, Face to Face, Alphabetical Animals, and Gradation of Happiness;

   Updated PS1 ISOs with images from the Redump Database; added Lovely Sweet Dream

19 January 2018: Fixed some tape noise in "Flowers and Butterly" from 1983 Objectless

19 January 2018: Added tracks to Objectless (1983)

17 January 2018: Added Tracks to Equal Vinyl and Transmigration Vinyl
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