Donate to comfy box!

Donate to comfy box!

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Thanks for considering a donation to comfy box. Any and all funds received are dedicated to funding this website, and nothing else.

You might consider purchasing 🏅Medals if you want to have some fun with your donation.

Even better, upgrade your account to unlock some extra features and receive weekly allowances of 💠Credits and 🏅Medals. It's a one time purchase, none of that monthly subscription bullshit.

Donations are cool, but contributing to the site is even better. Don't be shy, we're all friends here.


I pay €98 EUR (approximately $110 USD) every month to host the site and our content.
I have a job, and will pay for this project myself for as long as I can.


If you wish to purchase 🏅Medals or donate in crypto, you should contact me after you complete your transaction, as I do not wish to use a crypto payment processor.

Cryptocurrency donations are extremely valuable to me. It is much easier to pay my hosting providers in crypto than it is to pay with other payment methods. If you donate XMR I will love you forever.

comfy box is verified with Brave Rewards, so users of Brave Browser have the ability to tip BAT (Basic Attention Token) that they have earned through viewing ads.

comfy box will never, and I mean ever, create or support any "Non-Fungible Tokens".

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thank you for your support!


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