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    💠  💻 >500GB 📸 images GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0

    This archive is hosted entirely by third-parties and may no longer be available now, or in the near/far future. GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0 574GB of paid graphics and design resources GFX VFX sound effects - MEGAPACK v1.0...
  3. ninturez0

    💠  📦 misc. Lego Digital Designer 4.3.12 + Legacy versions + 321 models 2022-02-10

    Lego Digital Designer make the lego on youre computer Lego Digital Designer is a freeware computer program produced by the Lego Group as a part of Lego Design byME. It is available for macOS and Windows, but only as a 32-bit application, which means that it no longer runs on current versions...
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