The (almost) Complete StepMania Archive (>1.2TB)

💠 🎆> 1TB 🎮 games The (almost) Complete StepMania Archive (>1.2TB) 1.0

Jose Varela, Foxfire667, IzzySM, and anyone that ever made simfiles
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Aug 21, 2018
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About 1.2 TB
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The (almost) Complete StepMania Archive
Nearly every StepMania build, a bunch of noteskins and themes, and >1TB of song packs
"now its all in one folder" Edition


In this collection, you will find:
  • Nearly all builds of StepMania from 0.95 to OutFox, including source code if available
  • 128 dancing background characters for 3.9 and up​
  • 34 Background announcers​
  • Various themes for different versions of StepMania​
  • ArrowVortex and DDreamStudio, plus some other tools​
  • Over 300 noteskins​
  • The whole contents of IzzySM's file server, an old StepMania player and the organizer of the HSMP series.​
  • 6,400+ song packs (about 1.2TB)
Special thanks to Jose Varela, who maintains the archive at, Foxfire667, a veteran VSRG player and maintainer of this massive Google Drive folder, IzzySM, whose file server is still up to this day, and everyone at Etterna Online.
But why?

StepMania is a very old rhythm game by now, and over the span of two decades and counting, its community has produced an incomprehensible amount of content for the game, mostly in the form of simfiles, AKA song charts. Asides from the audio and charts themselves, StepMania files also usually include three images: one being the "logo" of the simfile author, and the other being a banner image displayed in the song selector, and a background image, or even a video, which is displayed during play. Because of this format, the simfiles themselves document the history of the game and its community. Many simfiles and their included assets contain references to community happenings, events, in-jokes, memes, drama, famous players, and more. Once you start digging into some older simfile packs, with the help of the Wayback Machine, the FFR forums, and some clever google searching, there is an entire "lore" to be discovered about this game.

Also, its just a really solid game. Free and open source, customizable, tight-knit community, and decades worth of content to entertain you.

Fair warning, if you find mid-00's edgy Internet/4chan humor offensive, you're better off sticking to the newer song packs.

Are you interested, but don't know where to start? Here's a good starting point, and a relatively well known but very old meme:

More StepMania-related resources:
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