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Modland FTP as of 13-11-2021

beep boop funny computer music that is very small

__ ___ __ __ __
// \/ \ | | | .: welcome to :. | |
| | _____ __| | | _____ _____ __| |
  ..:| |// , |// , | |// , |// |// , |:..
Welcome to Modland - probably the largest module archive in the world.
Currently there are 457097 modules online in 376 different formats,
old and new! If you're a module freak like us, feel free to download!
If you have no idea what a module is, then you're in the wrong place!
If you find any duplicates or other errors, or you have something to
Modland is administered by Menace and Ziphoid.
For anything else, get in touch at [email protected].

Saga Musix steps up with another new format, FM Tracker by Davey W. Taylor -
a tracker written in Qbasic, no less.

Further updates to Digital Symphony landed today, since - it's amazing what
you can find when you rummage through our incoming directories - it appears
Spot/Up Rough provided a bunch of well-named and identified tunes a while
ago, and these are now also incorporated. While the format does not natively
have a file suffix, we've settled on what Spot's files came with - .dsym -
for now. Having a suffix on the files are necessary to provide format
identification for things like web players that can't necessarily do content-
based format id.
Further, we've renamed Digital-FM Music into Composer 670 (CDFM) following
some chat on this format in our Discord. These files come in two flavours;
.670 - Not the tracker format itself, but rather the format for the replayer.
.c67 - The actual tracker-readable format.
Where we have both, we've also chosen to store both.
Again thanks to Saga Musix for information on this one. :)

New format time: Thanks to Saga Musix for coughing up some files for an Acorn
Archimedes-originated format; Digital Symphony. OpenMPT recently added support
for playback, so have a listen :)

We are slowly progressing with updating the archive - slow and steady does it.
Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to Curt Cool for a very nice pack of
Amiga chiptunes that he recently supported us with.
Also make sure to get talking with us on Discord - after a bit of a "false
start" with our own server, we have now settled with a channel on the Demozoo
Discord instance. This gives us a nice platform for the future, and if you
have a correction or some new modules that you want on there, be sure to hit
us up :)

This will be my last entry in this update log. At first: thank you everyone
who have contributed to Modland one way or another during the years! I have
now been doing this for 20 years and the time has come to move on. Modules and
the Amiga scene will always be a part of my life, but I no longer have the time
nor the interest required to maintain and develop this project. I'm happy to
leave it in the able hands of Menace and Ziphoid. Please keep supporting them.
Coma signing off...

A small update just to let you know that something happens (once in a while).
I have been adding quite a lot of modules lately, mostly stuff that has been
waiting to be added for a long time. I'm sorry to say that there are mails in
my mailbox from two or three years back with kindly contributed modules,
which I still haven't added. I hope the amount of such modules will be worked
down to zero in the near future. Thank you all who have sent us modules,
and a special thanks to Mohamed who has been a steady supplier for a long time.

MusicMaker was revealed to be the same as MusicMaker V8, but with the modules
in an unwieldy and obscure multifile format. It was renamed to MusicMaker V8
Old and most of the modules were replaced with new ones in MusicMaker V8.
Thanks to Thomas Winischhofer, the creator of this tracker, for the info and

Protracker 3.6 changed name to Protracker IFF, and the suffix was changed from
.pt36 to .ptm. This format was never bound to a specific Protracker version,
3.6 was just the first to use it (optionally). And the suffix was just wrong.

TFMX was changed from the suffix format it was on Modland to the prefix format
it is originally, and everywhere else.
The Holy Noise changed name to Arpeggiator, the name of the editor used to make
these modules. The old name was the name of the music disk where they appeared.
This also explains why the files start with "ARP". Thanks to Jan-Marco Edelmann
for this correction.
Also the server now supports https too.

Startrekker changed name to Startrekker FLT8 to clarify its purpose, which is
to contain all 8-channel Startrekker modules. The 4-channel ones (FLT4) reside
in the Protracker folder along with all other Noisetracker clone formats.

The server now serves http as well as ftp, so a bunch of links out on the web
should now be functional again.

Rob Hubbard 2 changed name to Infogrames. I have probably had this format on
Modland since the very beginning, all the time with the wrong name. It has
nothing to do with Rob Hubbard and contains music from Infogrames games,
so this common misunderstanding is a mystery.

Happy new year! In celebration of 2018 we have once again migrated Modland to
a new server and new hosting. I have for a long time wished to go back to
doing more hands-on stuff myself, and now was the time to go through with it.
My sincere thanks to Ziphoid for hosting Modland on SceneSat from 2012 until now.

Playstation 2 Sound Format, which until now has been mixed up with Playstation
Sound Format, was moved to its own folder. These and other related formats have
been quite neglected on Modland for many years. I hope to be able to do a lot
of updates and fixes in them in the near future.

Some more changes: Hippel-Atari was renamed to Hippel ST. Hippel-ST was renamed
to Hippel ST COSO. Hippel-COSO was renamed to Hippel COSO. Also a number of
modules within these folders attributed to other people than Jochen Hippel
(or unknown) was moved to his folder. Jochen Hippel developed his own music
tools and they had no other user than himself. Hippel ST contains two of these
formats which only differ in some small details, and are identified as the same
by all players: The Final Musicsystem eXtended (header "TFMX") and Mad Max
Music Editor (header "MMME"). Hippel ST COSO contains a compressed version
of both these (apparently COSO stands for "COmpressed SOng"). Now I'm guessing
here, as we must when there are more rumours than documentation, but this seems
to be the format that he then ported to the Amiga for use in various games,
and which can be found in Hippel COSO. The later Amiga format named TFMX
was created by Chris Huelsbeck but Jochen Hippel helped him with the 7-voice
mixing routine (used in the modules found in the Hippel 7V folder). It's very
unclear why the TFMX name was reused since this is the only(?) link between the
formats. To further confuse things, this TFMX then got an Atari ST version
with YM support. These modules can be found in TFMX ST.
I do realise that renaming these popular formats might break some things,
but some cleanup was needed and in any case there was no point at all in
having a "Hippel Atari" folder beside the others.

Another small change: Removed the GoatTracker Stereo folder and moved the single
module it contained to GoatTracker. There is no documentation whatsoever on how
to tell mono from stereo (without loading each module into the editor), and as
there is also a GoatTracker 2 Stereo, it made more sense to just view the stereo
functionality as another of the many variations within these formats, rather than
creating another format folder.

Small change: Buzzic 2.0 changed name to Buzzic 2. Buzzic 1.0 and Buzzic 1.1
were merged into a new folder called Buzzic.

We are back after a few days off the air. Apparently there was some hardware
malfunction at Ziphoid's. Sorry for that.

A cleanup operation is ongoing, where bad characters get removed from filenames,
suffixes are corrected and misplaced modules get moved to their correct folders.
A few Protracker 3.6 modules were deleted since they had counterparts
in Protracker. The Protracker 3.6 folder should have been named Protracker IFF
instead, since IFF saving is a (rarely used) option of Protracker 3.6 and later.
But keeping them in this format has no value in itself. As long as a module is
available in a format supported by the original tracker, there is no point in
keeping it in all other supported formats as well. In any such situation
the most compatible and playable format will take precedence.
Maniacs Of Noise Old was removed. It was identical to Jeroen Tel. The folders
were merged and cleaned up. How did this happen? All these years...

New format: Startrekker (.mod). The confusion continues. Until now, Modland
had only a Startrekker AM folder, as the first Startrekker had no synth sound
support and created "general Protracker clone" modules (FLT4) with no
accompanying .mod.nt file (which I suppose contains synth sound data).
Those are still mixed up with the rest of their clone friends in the
Protracker folder. But Startrekker could also create 8-channel modules (FLT8),
where the only one present on Modland so far has been residing in the
Fasttracker folder. But whereas FLT4 modules (not AM ones) are readily
playable by a Protracker player, FLT8 modules are incompatible with
Fasttracker, so putting it there was a bad idea from the start. The single
lonely FLT8 module has therefore moved to its own format folder.

It was the day before christmas (at least in Sweden), and suddenly all the
Spectrum formats got organized into a new folder called Spectrum, while
losing their "Spectrum" prefix. Maybe not the best solution, but now it's
at least consistent with Ad Lib and its subformats, and the formats get to
have their real names. As a bonus the script that updates the welcome message
got updated so it no longer counts all Ad Lib formats as one. The number of
all formats, Ad Lib and Spectrum included, is now 373.

New format: Soundtracker (.mod). Yes, since the very beginning, Soundtracker -
meaning the old 15-sample variant from Soundtracker v2.2 and earlier - has
been one of the formats represented in the Protracker folder, among
several others. I have seen the Protracker folder as a catch-all for
Soundtracker and all derivatives from it, as long as they didn't stray into
multichannel. From now on 15-sample Soundtracker modules will reside in their
own folder. The reason is that this format is very different from the
31-sample format that from ST v2.3 became the standard for years to come,
many players don't support it, and these relics from the ancient world of
1987-88 deserve their own format folder after all these years. The Protracker
folder will still contain a mixed bunch of formats, but now they could be
described as "all 4-channel formats with a 4-byte signature at position 1080".
Protracker, being the most common of these, will continue giving its name
to the folder.
31-sample modules which are resaved 15-sample originals will stay in the
Protracker folder until the original can be acquired, at which time the
converted copy will be deleted. This goes for all other formats as well.
Note that this change will take place during an extended time. It will be
done step by step while going through everything in the Protracker folder,
fixing errors as they are found, more or less manually (hopefully less).

A few formats that originally used .mod as their suffix have for many years
been named differently on Modland. I somehow felt it necessary to separate
these Soundtracker derived formats not only through the different folders,
but also through the suffixes. Now all modules of these formats have been
renamed back to .mod as they should have been named from the beginning:
Fasttracker (previously .ft)
Octalyser (previously .oct)
Soundtracker 2.6 (previously .st26)

Today I welcome Menace/Spaceballs as Modland's third admin!
I'm sure that with his support, new releases (from compos and such)
will reach Modland a lot faster than today. Welcome aboard Glenn!

The Ad Lib format Pixel Painters was found to actually contain two
different formats, and has been split up into Pixel Painters FMF/FTF.
Another Ad Lib format, RdosPlay RAW, has been renamed to Raw OPL Capture.

Some further attempts to sort out some Ad Lib confusion. The following
formats have been renamed:
JCH-D00 -> EdLib D00
JCH-D01 -> EdLib D01
EdLib -> EdLib Packed
All these are from the EdLib tracker, made by JCH. Modules of the packed
format (.edl) will only be included when the original module (D00 or D01)
cannot be found. Deleted a bunch of modules which were present both as
original and packed.

New format: Westwood SND (.snd). A format created by Westwood to support
PC speaker music in some of their adventure games.

A couple of changes among the Ad Lib formats: Boom Tracker 4.0 lost its
unnecessary version number and is now called just Boom Tracker.
Screamtracker 3 was renamed to Screamtracker 3 AdLib for technical reasons.
The different Herad Music System folders were consolidated into a single one.
In this case the different suffixes do not designate different formats,
but different Ad Lib-supporting devices.

The upload folder has been removed for good, due to the fact that we never
got the permissions working as we wanted after moving to the Linux world.
It is also a fact that the actual need for an upload folder has diminished
greatly during the 15 years Modland has been online. Anyone who wants to
contribute now has any number of methods to choose from. A public Dropbox
link is just one example of many. Or just mail us the files if they aren't
too large.
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