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Aug 9, 2022
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Bootleg Windows/Linux ISO Collection

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Bootleg Windows/Linux ISO Collection
"crustywindows" README

Last updated 8/9/2022.

Finding these funny Windows bootleg ISOs is getting harder and harder,
because they are getting deleted from file sharing sites rapidly.

Knowing this, me and CHOCOLATEMAN decided to setup a little collection of these crusty bootleg
ISOs so they will never get lost again.

The collection is organized by the base Windows release or "Linux" for Linux bootlegs,
to make finding what you want easier (and making it a lot more worthwhile for it to be in a single place.)

Notable (near-impossible-to-find) Bootlegs:
- Windows 7 FacebooK Edition 2012 (HOLY FUCK THANK YOU BASED DARTZ)
- Bob Pony OS 1, 2
- Windows Vista Black Eternity 2009 (took an eternity to find)
- Windows 7 Angry Birds Edition
- Windows 7 Infinium Edition
- Windows 8 Green Edition
- Windows 10 Dota Edition
- Windows 10 Gamer Edition
- Windows 10 YuGiOh Edition
- Windows XP Genius Edition 2010
- Windows XP DisneyLand Edition
- Windows XP Ganja Edition
- Windows XP XRAYMAN Edition

As of 5/13/2022, the collection is about 260GB in size, and growing with every addition.
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