1. Heim

    🎶 music The best tool for getting lyrics for your library. 2023-12-31

    Utility for mass-downloading LRC synced lyrics for your offline music library. LRCGET will scan every files in your chosen directory for music files, then and try to download lyrics to a LRC files having the same name and save them to the same directory as your music files. LRCGET is the...
  2. Heim

    This is your sign to change your Windows default font!

    Windows fonts suck. The default windows font is Seoge, it sucks. I found some weird tool, that I do not condone downloading, but you can probably change the font yourself using the registry, you can look it up. Anyway, this tool lets you change your default windows font to one of your liking...
  3. Heim

    📎 smol 📦 misc. trueSpace 7.61

    Meet Bryce3D's older, defunct cousin. Developed by Caligari Corporation in the mid-2000s, TrueSpace 7.6 stood out as a user-friendly haven in the realm of 3D modeling and animation. With a commitment to simplicity, it offered artists and animators an intuitive platform that didn't require...
  4. 1alexxandergfx

    📎 smol 📦 misc. MajorGeeks Windows Tweaks 2023-06-23

    Found this useful in my day to day to add context menu tweaks, stop windows updates, and to just overall free myself from the shackles/ bullshit windows peddles to its users. BACKUP!! Be safe and aware of all changes you make before you make them on you registry and computer in general. Enjoy!
  5. Developing THE Game Platform

    Developing THE Game Platform

    Windows95 is an okay gaming platform I guess. Lossless version is available here:
  6. ninturez0

    💠  📀 >250GB 📦 misc. Bootleg Windows/Linux ISO Collection / "crustywindows" 2022-09-02

    Bootleg Windows/Linux ISO Collection A torrent is available for this collection, you can download it here. src: / (archive)
  7. faen

    💠 📎 smol 📦 misc. Windows Japan Anime Themepacks 2022-07-29

    personally, i'm not a huge windows fan by any means. however, these themepacks are seriously cool. they came on physical CDs and were distributed in Japan surrounding the release of windows 7 in 2009. everything still works great, and its definitely cool stuff. Michael MJD has a great video...
  8. ninturez0

    💠 📀 >250GB 🏴‍☠️🖥leaks 2022-04-14

    This archive is hosted entirely by third-parties and may not be available now, or in the near/far future. Windows ISOs, Data leaks, cracked software, and other assorted mildly interesting crap. contains numerous database leaks...
  9. ninturez0

    💠 🎶 music All windows sounds collection from 3.0 to 11 2022-02-15

    All windows sounds collection from 3.0 to 11 fancy computer make cool noises Includes windows longhorn sound set which is objectively the best sound set of all windows
  10. ninturez0

    💠  📦 misc. Microsoft Kids - 3D Movie Maker Collection 2022-02-10

    Microsoft Kids - 3D Movie Maker Collection and everything else you need to use it on a modern computer Info: src: / This archive includes the original disc...
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