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Nov 21, 2017
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2017 has been an incredibly hard year everywhere, but especially in America.

Our country, a country built on some awful things but a country that is worth loving, defending and improving, is now under the rule of an immature, less-than mediocre white supremacist. And besides him, there are several others in power who exist there only to spread hate and were put there by people who want to do the same. It has never been clearer who is "the man".

If you're reading this, if you enjoy my music, chances are you're familiar with video games. A lot of classic video games like Streets of Rage gave us a larger-than-life comical villain to deal with, inspiring us forward through challenges. It was easy storytelling, more black and white than real life. Now, in 2017? We have larger-than-life comical villains to deal with IN real life. And the people who you thought would stop a villain like that, some of them elected him in.

Our responsibility is to remain mentally and physically vigilant. It's okay to take breaks for self-care, but it's not okay to get complacent and lazy. Some of the people suffering in America, people who HAVE suffered in America for a very long time and are only now being noticed by new allies, can't afford to do that.

Remember that there is a fight going on, and without each and every one of us showing our support, that hatred will simply win and stomp us all out while we are silent and sleeping. Show that hatred that it is unwelcome in your circles. Boost the voices of marginalized people while keeping your own silent and not burdening them with questions about their experiences or repeating your shock at how bad things really are to them. They know.

And above all, find your local organizations that are helping the people who are hurting the most right now. Keep your eye on your elected officials, your police and your district court. Do whatever you are able to. The time is now.

Thank you.

-your friend 2 Mello

1--Bare Knuckle - The Streets Of Rage + Knuck If You Buck (Crime Mob)
2--Industry Up - Back To The Industry + Ante Up (M.O.P.)
3--Dreamers Never Die - Dreamer + Hell Yeah (Dead Prez)
4--Get Back In The Street - Fighting In The Street + Get Back (Ludacris)
5--Betta Go Straight - Go Straight + Bitch Betta Have My Money (Rihanna)
6--Back-Street Boogie - Under Logic + Backyard Boogie (Mack 10)
7--Ain't It Barbaric - Attack of the Barbarian + Ain't It Funny (Danny Brown)
8--Keep The Trickin' - Keep The Groovin' + Trick Me (Kelis) Daytona 500 (Ghostface Killah, Raekwon)
9--Revenge of Mr. R - Revenge of Mr. X + Let The Rhythm Hit Em (Eric B & Rakim)
10--Wave Motion - Wave 131 + Bang (Rye Rye) Got It All (Eve, Jadakiss) Cold Rock The Party (Bad Boy Remix) (MC Lyte)
11--Knock You Out - Expander + Mama Said Knock You Out (LL Cool J)
12--Street Fighters Anonymous - Slow Moon + Drug Dealers Anonymous (Pusha-T, Jay Z)
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