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~ welcome to comfy box ~
what is this website about?


~ welcome to comfy box ~

why won't you do what must be done?


If you're reading this, it's not too late. You wouldn't have found this place if it was.

You're safe here. Welcome to what the internet used to be.

The Internet as it used to be, is dying a slow, yet ever quickening death. Colossal tech corporations and media companies have consolidated the average person's experience of the Internet to a couple of dozen of preferred websites, at most. These corporations rope their users in with enormous systems designed to learn what keeps their users hooked on to their services for the longest period of time, spending as much money as possible. The dopamine rollercoaster of likes, followers, upvotes, comments, or whatever else, ruins the ability to delay gratification and destroys attention spans. Everything is monetized, from artistic expression, to political ideologies, and even the accessibility of information. The constant stream of outrage bait, disinformation, fear, and paranoia that is present on the average social media "feed" is radicalizing millions and destabilizing the fabric of society. And worst of all, these systems of censorship and sanitization hide the history of the Internet from us. Too much of our shared culture and history has been left behind to rot and wither away, or is outright burned.

You can do something about this.
You do not have to participate in these systems. Even if they "already know everything about you" -- you are under no obligation to continue giving anything to them. You have absolutely zero excuses.
You know that scrolling through an infinite feed of the highlights of other people's lives and the various injustices and controversies happening in our world today is unhealthy. I know you can feel it.
You do not have to be a cog in the consumerist machine, and fall victim to the mental poison that is advertising in the 21st century. In fact, if the goods you are interested in are digital, you have no reason to buy anything at all.
You have the ability, right now, to discover what has been taken from you, to take back your privacy and freedom, and to express yourself however you would like to.

Nothing has to be like this. All we need, is You.

Welcome to comfy box. An internet community, dedicated to the Internet as a whole. Dedicated to all of the things it can offer you, and all of the ways it can harm you. Dedicated to the preservation of history, and the cultural artifacts that the users of the Internet have produced. Dedicated to the freedom of information, no matter the source. And, most importantly, fighting for the former Internet that was stolen from the generations which finds the current Internet omnipresent in their daily lives.

We're here to spit in the face of the corporate coup of the Internet, and have some fun while doing it.
what is this website about?
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