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Post what you're listening to RIGHT NOWWWW

hey, you lot seem like a bunch of people who appreciate "the underground"; well boy-oh-howdy do I have something you'll likely be interested in(!)
The Obscurathon Playlist is a project my buddy Gatokal set up a long while back. Even though most of the entries are done through his channel,
I (as well as a handful of others over Discord) sent him direct links to music on YouTube that has under 1K views (on a per-year basis, mind you)

There are some minor exceptions, one or two joke entries; but we made sure to vet each and every part of the compilation
I may even see if he'd be interested in joining the fray here so he can have even more of a pool to pull from, given I found this place via my interest in underground hangouts/sound

If any of y'all decide to give the playlist a look, I'd appreciate it greatly; it was a lot of fun to work on in the time I was able to.

Still remember when I was a budding young dnb head and Anatomy came out, like it was yesterday. Same with Dominion mixed by Fierce released on Quarantine, I rinsed those albums hard... better link that one too


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