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(It's) Friday Night Motherfuckers
Friday Night Motherfuckers

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(It's) Friday Night Motherfuckers
Friday Night Motherfuckers


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May 14, 2022
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You're only allowed to post in this thread on Friday nights motherfuckers. Post what'cha playing, what'cha watching, cause it's Friday night, mothatfucka.
I'm currently getting fucked up on gin and tonic and listening to some Banana Prince OST

I hope Friday is going well for you and I hope you can rest well on the weekend, no matter where you are.
Have fun, lads and possibly gals, I don't discriminate.
Friday Night Motherfuckers
i like looking at IP cameras. i find it relaxing

heres a camera pointing at some dogs :



Wha'cha playin', what'cha watchin', what'cha listening to.
Tabletop Simulator with autists and getting extremely fucked up for me this week.

Hope you all enjoying some well earned time off, no homo.


You doin anything cool? I'm currently working very hard on datamining old ass game and trying to find some cool new music in the meantime. Neither of those activities are going well.
I'm listening to the Animal Crossing movie soundtrack right now, and trying another time to make a personal wiki hoping this time I won't leave the project again

P. S. 2:17 AM of Saturday counts as Friday night? I guess it counts
I wented to this sick ass old folks pub thats in the parking garage of a xerox building where the old timers know how to get down

and then terrorised like 3 play grounds with my pals and then raced my pals grand am and lost because im slow and me car sucks real bad
Ladies and gentlemen, it is with greatest pride and and deepest pleasure, I inform you right now, that it is

Friday Night

Shit, another week done, huh? Whacha doin' tonight? Have you ever heard shitty rock that polish collage students listen to while getting absolutely blasted? Would you like to?
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Holy fucking shit it really is.
I fixed my pad, so it's time for a quick 30 star run in Mario64.

look at my cat
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