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Introduce yourself!

Hello, I’m Sean, I’m a music producer under my own record label, MUZIKAL DOPE REKORDZ, as NIMFO LVSPL. I love learning about music production, love free samples, loops, kits, vst’s, love producing hardkore elektronika underground….. So, yea, trying to make it to Europe, play in the rave dens in Italy…..

I'm beanbrain.
I love coffee.
When I grind my beans and drink them,
they go straight to my brain,
hence the name.
I think you and I like our coffee similar ways!
I almost always drink it black, Turkish,
although recently,
I've been really enjoying it with just a small dallop of creamed honey.
No sugar, no milk.
Light roast is my favorite,
but a shop near me sells a dark that's very rich.

How did you find this place?

I was dumpster diving for samples on the Internet Archive,
when I came across the 90s CDs Sample Pack.
That was 2 years ago, thereabouts.
I have been a habitual lurker of the most extreme,
but I learned through trial and error
that family and community is actually a wonderful thing when it's healthy,
so I've made socializing as my self-improvement homework,
and decided to post and talk to people and touch grass and stuff.

Hobbies and other things you enjoy?

I enjoy coffee.
I also enjoy making music
(it was how I found this place, after all)
but I haven't produced anything in a long while.
I've been performing live a lot.
I sang in 4 concerts
with a semi-professional choir from my local college
over the past year,
and at mass on about 40 weeks out of the year with my local church.
And a community theater production of Ragtime, as well.

When I get tired of music,
I will work on software,
which is part autodidactic exercise,
and part creative endeavour.
Sometimes, I think I learn more about myself from writing code,
than I do about the computer.
Right now,
it feels like I've written more lines of bash and tcl than anything else,
just in the last few months since I distrohopped to void
and changed my wm to openbox.
That's probably not a fact;
I'm just sick of bash :/
I've been using linux exclusively
for well over 10 years now,
and ricing,
and periodically redefining
how I interact with my computer
are perennial hobbies of mine.

Besides music and software,
I like to read and write stories and poetry.
I like ghosts and paranormal, vampires, science fiction.
I set a goal for this week
of writing some flash fiction
or short story to be published by the end of the week
(actually, this post is a healthy diversion from that).
Writing has always been a visual game for me,
and besides making words,
I also make character and landscape sketches.
A few years ago,
I scripted, thumbed, and roughed my own comic for print,
but I out-paced myself and burned out bad.
I still haven't gathered the courage to return to comics.

I am also learning Russian.
The goal is to become fluent enough
to read one author in particular,
Александр Тюрин (Alexander Tyurin).
I found him through a deep dive on cyberpunk.ru one night,
around the time I first found comfybox.
I don't remember exactly what led me there,
but the English translation of his page
and the synopses of his books
really piqued my interest.
Once I can read though,
I see no reason to stop with him,
and the language will be useful besides.

Coffee (ꉺ౪ꉺ)

...and the little cakes that go with it.
Tea is nice, too;
my favorite tea is jasmine.
My favorite real food-food is probably ramen.
I once spent a whole year learning to make my own.
I will cook spicy beans,
and use the excess, cooked water
as the base for a broth,
pan sear some peanuts,
then sautée garlic and ginger
in a wok with a splash of sesame oil,
add mushrooms, vegetables,
then the rest of the kitchen sink.
Finally, the broth,
simmer until everything's happy and warm together.
Add the noodles,
and a soft-boiled egg,
sliced in half,
and some green onions as garnish.
I've now started making my own noodles, too.
It's not that difficult;
just flour, salt, egg, oil, water,
beat together,
and pull into a long rope,
fold over,
rinse and repeat until it's elastic,
boil, and serve.

It's a lot of work to make though,
so I don't have it that often.
Usually, I just make a stir-fry of whatever's in the fridge
and/or pantry,
sometimes a black bean or portabella burger,
or just plain 'ol oatmeal,
if I'm feeling very lazy.
Savory oatmeal's the best:
salt and pepper and crack an egg on top.
Or grits.
With butter.

I'm hungry now.

current rice & what I'm listening to as I write this

current rice & what I'm listening to as I write this



a random page from my notebook

a random page from my notebook
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  • Who are you?
    a cape soundboy

  • How did you find this place?
    a reddit link

  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
    oldschool jungle production. tinkering with electronics. taking things apart and fixing or modifying them. making sound sound better. film enthusiast. sci-fi. cyber.

  • Favorite food?
    bacon. ramen. marco pierre white ragu bolognese. cheese. wine.
Who are you?
I am Wither.

How did you find this place?
I've spent some time scouring around the Internet in search of a comfy forum I can hangout in and this one stood out to me. Lurked around yesterday and signed up today. I found it through here which lists some small comfy websites.

Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
I am very into music and I listen to just about anything. I am always looking for new music to listen to and I try to listen to at least one new album each day. I've been doing that for many years now and have discovered lots of great music in that time. I also enjoy retro/platformer video games, TTRPGs, watching various shows be it anime, cartoons, or live-action, and hanging out in arcades. DDR and Taiko no Tatsujin are my favourites.

Favorite food?
Who are you?
You can call me Red, though I go by other names online as well.
Also, I lurk almost always- but I'm working on doing that less 'round here.

How did you find this place?
I found this place through the downloads page, as I'm usually over there.

Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
I've taken up a bit of a list of interests and hobbies, but I quite enjoy music production and drawing as some of my pass times.
In regards to interests, I like retro tech, and any tech from around the 90s to the 00s- as well as games both modern and retro.

Favorite food?
My favorite foods are tiramisu and coffee.
Who are you?
I'm Coelasynth (play on the fish) but i go by a lot of names on the internet
I signed up a few months ago but mostly just lurked

How did you find this place?
I initially found this forum a little while back as a result of the 90ssamplecds mirror, and i thought this was a cool website so i stuck around!

Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
I really really really like 80's Japanese music, whether that be jazz fusion, funk, new wave, idol pop, or random anime bgms; i just really like it for some reason (more so the funky stuff, or rather "city pop", though.)
I also make music sometimes, and have been half-learning how to draw for a couple months

Favorite food?
uhhhm grilled cheese sandwiches are my comfort food :3
  • Who are you?
I'm Delimeat ma turkey is spankin B)
  • How did you find this place?
I can't remember I was really eepy when I found this forum
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
Usually I spend ma time talking to ma girlfriend and knitting, but I also play a couple games B). I used to play a lot of CS, Tarkov, Isaac but now I've just been getting into dark and darker with friends. Oh yeah I fucking love music recently I've been listening to acid bath, Jeffery Lewis, and of Montreal. Ma favorite band will always be car seat headrest though :D ( you're awesome will Tostito )
  • Favorite food?
I like a good ass pop tart with water
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