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Feb 7, 2024
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Mandatory thread.
Some conversation starters:
  • Who are you?
  • How did you find this place?
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
  • Favorite food?

  • Who are you?
Blue! I lurk and post in several forums and messageboards but under different names so we might already have met! 💡
  • How did you find this place?
Post office 🏣
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
Vidya 🎮🕹️👾, TTRPGS 🎲🧙‍♂️🐲, drone flying 🤖🛩️, Traveling 🗺️🌎
  • Favorite food?
Ramen 🍜
  • Who are you?
Levant. Unlike Blue, I don't post (I lurk, though) on forums and imageboards so you've probably never met me. Well, I used to post on several forums, but it wasn't english-speaking ones, was a long time ago and they were pretty niche, so, if we did cross paths, I guess it's a really small world after all.
  • How did you find this place?
Post office too.
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
I play video games, mostly "retro" ones, with a particular fondness for the PS1 and PS2 library (not hard, there's a lot in it). I also like anime/manga and novels.
  • Favorite food?
If it was healthy, I would probably eat bread, cheese and potatoes everyday.

Glad to find a place to laze around, anyway, hope we'll all have fun together.
I'm Coradda! I post on a few forums and I used to lurk /mu/ and /lit/. It's unlikely I'm known to any of y/s.

I found this site linked from another forum

I like to read, particularly SciFi, Politics, Philo and Anthro. I haven't played any Vidya in a good while, but I've recently rediscovered how nice it is to play with computers

I have a lot of favourite foods (I'm a human dustbin) but one thing I particularly like to do is to spend a day making burgers from as close to scratchmade as possible; (Making patties and bread).
I'm Cycle. I've never been on a forum before but I think they're cool and I'd like to be in a lot and learn about them. They're really cool places to find niche/underground stuff.

I found this place through a friend who sent me a bunch of audio samples on here.

I like music production, and I guess Vidya as I see people call it. I also like things like retro games, handhelds, and somewhat Y2K culture I guess. I don't have many hobbies but I really want to pick a lot up, so if you have any cool hobbies that are cheap or free to start, let me know.

I am also a Ramen enjoyer.
sure, let's do this.
  • Who are you?
you get to know that i live in canada and that i like old media. other details will be revealed if i end up getting comfortable here (my last forum experience didn't go well)
  • How did you find this place?
was doing my usual searches for some obscure media and ended up here
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
video games, generally not particularly mainstream ones. i seek out obscurities and older ones in the hope of expressing fresh thoughts on them rather than thinking the same things about the same popular games that others have already thought of
i also do music, occasionally develop small games and engage in trying to find the least annoying way to exist under capitalism so i can focus less on surviving and more on helping my friends
  • Favorite food?
i like watermelon and salmon quiche i guess (not both at once)
  • Who are you? Synthetic
  • How did you find this place? Searching obscure crap on the internet, and found the download section.
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy? Bookbinding, TTRPGS, Video Games
  • Favorite food? Potstickers, Gyoza, perogis, empanadas, (take meat wrap it in bread and you are good)
Who Are You?
I'm Moxie! I'm a queer artist who likes writing music and telling stories.
I'm not super active here, but maybe that'll change someday soon!

How did you find this place?
Went looking for 90's sample CDs, found the huge archive here, and thought this looked like a neat enough place to stick around for a while.

Music, drawing, sometimes developing small games.
Also a big fan of semi-obscure movies, like House (1977) or Barber Westchester (2022).

Favourite Food?
Uhhh not sure? Butter chicken is the first thing that springs to mind, but I love pretty much anything that involves meat in a rich sauce.
Ni hao. I'm Adel.
Big fan of coffee, I drink it often. Pretty specific taste too, I drink mine either black - pseudoamericano (Bosnian coffee watered down with cold instead of hot water) or white 40/60. I don't understand how other people make coffee, I'm not letting a machine take my therapeutic moment of calm wait combined with attentiveness as I watch the coffee rise in my džezva.

I do voiceover, have done some audiodrama work, some anime dubs & parodies and other projects in the past, looking to expand upon my career past that of an amateur VO artist. Pretty knowledgeable about tech, but have been keeping track of current trends a little frivolously. I've also been avoiding starting a social media presence, but I realize that it's something I really should get into as I've got nothing to lose and so much to gain from it.

As for the things I like; despite not having watched much anime at all I'm a big fan of the medium and enjoy it for the art (generally a big fan of all types of art - from architecture to paintings), acting and much more interesting stories they portray compared to modern TV shows which have struggled to hold my attention (a current exception is Tokyo Vice which is airing its second season atm, but good shows and movies are few and far between these days)

I've been reading less than I'd like to, the last few books I've been reading are: Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky, Pascal's Pansee, Neko no kyaku by Takashi Hiraide, and a book called The Art of Voice Over by James R. Alburger.

With that said, my by-far best skill is avoiding my own personal prospects and ambitions despite deeply wishing to pursue them. I have a deep appreciation toward people who excel in matters which I'm only good or great at and whom have dedicated themselves in pursuit of something they desire.

Oh, and pussy cats FTW.
  • Who are you?
Hi. I used to browse forums a lot back in the 2000s. I've made music well over for 10 years and am in general a geek by heart and with big curiosity.
  • How did you find this place?
I was digging through the internet trying to find something interesting. I have made some great lifelong friends through forums (mostly hacking ones from back in the day) and this place kind of has the same vibe so here I am (probably nostalgia).
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
tech, music, martial arts, creative endeavors
  • Favorite food?
  • Who are you?
I'm electroDC, I havent joined any real forums before but this one stuck out cause it feels original :)
  • How did you find this place?
I came across it looking for jungle samples, found the sample cd archive, made an account!
  • Hobbies and other things you enjoy?
I make music (Hip-hop, trap, jungle, and some IDM/braindance), I love the music of Aphex Twin, Kanye West, Burial, Venetian Snares, and so many more. I also play video games and I'm actively trying (and failing) to quit social media.
  • Favorite food?
Probably strawberries
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