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Jun 28, 2022
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for me it's:
"I'm a survivor, we're a dying breed"
"thrust vectoring owns the sky! this thing cat turn on a dime, macross zero-style!"
"in volatile market, only stable investment is porn!"
"I am a man of fortune who will find his fortune"
"When your soul breaks free from your body, you find out that death and shitty pants go hand in hand..."
"What is known ceases to be a nightmare, what you can growl with is no longer so bad"
"It's better to be one of some than all of them"
"You can't resurrect the past. You can't fix a broken glass. But what if it doesn't stick? I'll still pick up the crumbs."
"It will be a lot of fun when you find out that God does exist"
"An unresolved problem must be broken down into smaller pieces and worked out piece by piece"
"Nothing by force, everything with a hammer"
"Walls are just a symbol [...]. A real fortress is built from hearts and minds. From the strength of the spirit and the love of freedom"
"I was just lying in my grave, tossing and turning, and suddenly an idea dawned on me."

These are just a handful of my favorite quotes selected from various books😁
"I normally like cigars, as I am an amerimutt and they remind me of da BBC"
I am a Valve nerd so the start of HL2 always gives me chills.

"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world."
it is easier to imagine the end of the world than it is to imagine the end of capitalism
"Nothing changes..... if nothing changes."
"No one is going to do you better than you."
"Do you have to open graves to find girls to fall in love with?"

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