Anyone else made stuff with the samples on here?

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Anyone else made stuff with the samples on here?

Oh that's hella cool!
Maybe it's because I'm a DnB noob, but it reminds me of something you'd hear in an episode of Off the Air.

While I didn't source the samples directly from here, some of the material that is available in the 90s sample CD collection was a big production cornerstone of a project I released at the start of the year, inspired by music from PS1 racing games I grew up with. I wanted to approach an authentic feeling blend of workflow, so there's a mix of samples from old CDs, some of the Roland/Korg VSTs, real rack gear I own + a mix of recorded guitar and custom sampled guitar to blend in with the real 90's samples I used.

This was my first foray into this kind of music production and I had a lot of fun - it was also a learning experience on how to approach more stuff like this in the future, overall it took me about three months to make during weekends.

Attached is an MP3 copy of the album. and FLACs of my two favourite tracks from the project.

Link to dedicated release page.


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had a go at some ridge racer inspired


here's a song i made :)

the first half is performed on my keytar using a sampler, and the second half is on a piano :D


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I dont CARE if its finished, i dont CARE if its "Good", SEND IT Im going to jam the FUCK out to your tunes, and NOBODY CAN STOP ME
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It's a demo version, but I plan to make more sounds to fill in the empty folders
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