Any cool free synthwave/dubstep snare packs?

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Any cool free synthwave/dubstep snare packs?



I am critically low on snares. I've picked out less than 30 that I have liked from my entire sample library.
honestly for dubstep you can just get the vec samples and do little effect magic to achieve good results but idk synthwave is such a mixed bag, so hard to find good samples
i dont see whats similar about dubstep and synthwave. for synthwave just look into some old drum machines like 707, 505, lm1, drumtraks
I agree. Old drum machines are super useful and are reflected in a lot of early synth-pop (thinking like Dare! by the Human League which uses the LM1 all over).
Here's an OD with most of the old drum machine samples I found the other day: link
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