The Ultimate O2Jam Archive

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Alexis / mabi, ninturez0 (that's me!), and others who wish to remain anonymous
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Aug 2, 2021
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141 GB
Most of the original sources are unavailable now, or wish to remain anonymous
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warning I have no fucking idea how to use half of this shit. You can ask questions but it is unlikely I will be able to help you. Try enlisting the help of a Korean programmer who is skilled at the art of reverse engineering. Good luck.


The Ultimate O2Jam Archive

130+ GB of clients, songs, tools, emulators, and much more

  • O2Jam 1.8 Client and server
  • O2Mania English + China
  • O2Jam X2 Emulator + Client
  • O2Jam Classic
  • NOWCOM O2Jam
  • O2ChinaLite
  • O2Emu
  • O2Solista (all versions)
  • O2Jam Analog
  • O2Jam U
  • O2Jam Music and Game iOS Crack + additional songs
  • ALL O2Jam official soundtracks
  • O2Jam BMS files
  • O2Jam osu!mania beatmaps
  • O2Jam Interval
  • DPJAM + DPEmu
  • Samojam Normal + Abnormal
  • EngelJam
  • JSJam
  • O2Jupiter
  • O2Hypoxia
  • LunaSamo (client only)
  • O2Fantasia (2016 client)
Plus all of the tools and files you will need to get all of this working on modern operating systems, as well as a massive amount of mods, tweaks, converters, client editors, and other tools for working with these files.


Every O2Jam server and tool ever released to save this game, including tools to make a server (self.rhythmgames)

submitted 2 years ago by [deleted]

Hello, I am Alexis, known as mabi from DPJam. I want to cover DPJam before I explain why I put effort into this, as there is a lot of emotion. Please read and understand before hastily downloading everything. I want people to help and contribute to this dying game holding almost two decades of content from the genre's most amazing players and minds.

DPJam is the "Crimson red, Korean ET only" owned by Na Woojin. This post comes up from a user known as barcode in the rhythm game community, and unfortunately people have taken to believe this. None of it is true. DPJam is not for Koreans, it is not for pros, and it is not intentionally a walled garden. The two reasons O2Jam stays in the dark is because of copyright and server management. In Korea, copyright infringement will put you in prison. This is a terrifying and unfortunate circumstance with very few workarounds. The other reason it is private is because O2Jam server management is horrible. The server tools are very difficult and until recently nobody in our community has had the skills to make a public server manageable. Public servers like V3 and INT are backed by companies and we cannot compare.

DPJam will be public soon, the same way as SamoJam is now. You can ask for an invite from anybody who is already in. This is the best that can be done. When the server was public, many people abused it and it was made semi-public. I am publicizing everything because of this. There are other clients and projects not worth sharing here such as O2Fantasia that I am the last one to have. Even Derry lost Fantasia, and he was the owner. This should tell you my worry.

This archive is not perfect. There are errors and previous leaker rants that are wrong. For the sake of social preservation, I will not be removing those. This archive does not include all original O2Jam files, as that is not the purpose. I am not preserving classic O2Jam, I am preserving the O2Jam that made the god players you and I are mesmerized by today.

This archive includes:


SamoJam Normal

SamoJam Abnormal



O2Jupiter (no easy server, it is almost entirely classic songs)

Client editing tools

Emulators/solo clients

Fixes and patches for modern operating systems

Server tools to run your own server

This list is not in order and a couple of song packs may be outdated, but not terribly. Some of this may also be found elsewhere, but for archival purposes I have linked it here as well. If you find problems1\, please let me know. False positive malware alarms may be triggered by some content. There is nothing to worry about but if you do not trust me anyway, simply do not run the executable files included. If it triggers your antivirus, it is probably not something you need to run anyway. Nothing of real importance has set my AV off as of yet.

1: Not knowing how to set this up isn't a problem. I'm sorry, but there is too much content here for me to help most of you... It can be made to work, as I have tested everything here, but I have forgotten a lot of the smaller stuff over the years.
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