The 2b2t 256k² Spawn Download

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The 2b2t 256k² Spawn Download
1.17TiB (736GiB zipped) worth of 2b2t.


Magnet link:

The 2b2t 256k² Spawn Download

In this release:
1.17TiB (736GiB zipped) worth of 2b2t spawn in a square with a side of 256k (128k in each direction from spawn).
Downloaded between October 12th 2020 and September 2nd 2021, 90% of it was downloaded by February 2021 (in depth:

- Mapcrafter render:
- Openlayers versions map:
- Signs etc. search:
- Sign wordcloud:
- Section age:
- Newchunk data (what we managed to save):

Version timeline videos:
- Version Timeline (black):
- Version Timeline (white):
- got damn (preview video):
- got damn full:

The project was started by l_amp on October 12th 2020, during public boatfly, and was originally intended to finish the 2018 mapping project to a 100k radius. On November 22nd 2020, boatfly was "patched," but within days an afkable workaround was found, and downloading continued.
It was debated whether or not 2018 sections should be redownloaded, and the group was split on this, both redownloading old sections and downloading new sections at the same time. While boatfly workaround was being developed, elytra started being used too due to the infinite durability elytra exploit going around. Since the bots needed to wait for new chunks to generate, boatfly was better in outer sections while elytra was faster for redownloading. It took around 6 days to fully download an outer section with boatfly workaround, and 2 days to fully redownload an already generated section (this explains the massive increase in downloading during January 2021). Some people used multiple accounts at once to download even faster.
On January 16 2021, all sections within 100k had been downloaded. Some people had already begun downloading an additional ring, out to 128k. As of late February 2021, all sections within 128k had been claimed. Certain people that had claimed sections vanished and despite efforts to get them to send their data, they didn’t respond. In July, some people got tired of waiting and started redownloading these sections themselves. Only a few people did this, which led to the completion of the project on September 2nd 2021.

Other discoveries:
- 2b2t overworld has used a total of 4 different world seeds.
- There are random singular regenned chunks all around spawn.
- Some end portal locations have been fully regenerated, while others were only repopulated.
- Current 2b2t world most definitely started in 2011, namely on a version of CraftBukkit beta 1.2, with February 9th 2011 as the earliest starting date.
- Bukkit beta 1.2 is very annoying.

Q: Is this some sort of new nocom?
A: No, just autistic downloading.

Q: How did you do it?
A: World downloader mod while boatflying/elytraflying using forgehax chunkloader, spiraling out from the center of 25600x25600 sections of the world.

Q: This is old...
A: Yes, on purpose. We did re-download a small part of spawn later on, this is included in the torrent. Image:

Q: Why did you keep it secret?
A: So we could troll stashes before the public could, and to avoid our methods being patched.

Q: Will you do another one?
A: You will have to wait and see.

Q: What can I do with this?
A: Whatever you want! Renders, coordinates etc. We have datamined it in various ways but there’s definitely things we didn’t think of. Recommended is to use SaveSearcher ( for searching the world for whatever you might think of.


Mapping (100 sections total):
- ZippieDooDah (aka "the Great Autist") (30 sections)
- jordanl666 (15 sections)
- Yqe (14 sections)
- l_amp (12 sections)
- TotalDarkness (12 sections)
- ThebesAndSound (aka "canal man") (6 sections)
- Nekramite (4 sections)
- DaPorkchop_ (4 sections)
- Negative_Entropy (1 section)
- Breithan (1 section)
- ufocrossing (1 section)

- DaPorkchop_
- rebane2001 (aka "MLGaeming")
- Negative_Entropy
- Terbin (aka "the Archivist")

Moral Support:
- IronException (aka "Download Jesus")
- leijurv (aka "the A* God")
- rebane2001 (aka "popstonia")
- _m_o_t_h_r_a_
- Terbin
- VADemon

Version Timeline Videos + Openlayers map:
- DaPorkchop_ - through ChunkVersionChecker, a program to determine which version a chunk was generated in.
- l_amp - through testing, output cleanup, editing.
- Yqe - Historical 2b2t world stats info, seed cracking.
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