RaidForums - DB Collection 1-5 & Zabugor & AntiPublic (Compressed)

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RaidForums - DB Collection 1-5 & Zabugor & AntiPublic (Compressed)
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RaidForums post:
Hello RaidForums Community,

Today I have uploaded the Collection #1, Collection #2, Collection #3, Collection #4, Collection #5, Latest Anti Public (120GB), and Zabagur #1. for you to download for free, thanks for reading and enjoy!


In January 2019, a large collection of credential stuffing lists (combinations of email addresses and passwords used to hijack accounts on other services) was discovered being distributed on a popular hacking forum. The data contained almost 2.7 billion records including 773 million unique email addresses alongside passwords those addresses had used on other breached services. Full details on the incident and how to search the breached passwords are provided in the blog post The 773 Million Record "Collection #1" Data Breach.

Compromised data: Email addresses, Passwords - Usernames, Passwords - Phone, Passwords

It's come to my attention that someone has posted a fake or false database calling it Collection #1. He said it's a different base but includes the Collection #1. That is untrue. Collection #1 comes in a 1TB cloud that troy hasn't seen. Here I present to you The real Collection #1 + More: (These were all included in original dump, troy only got 1 link rather than all)

Collection #1

Collection #2

Collection #3

Collection #4

Collection #5

Latest Anti-Public (120GB)

& Zabagur #1

All these total 1TB. ~ 30B Lines

Ask yourself, do you honestly believe theres 100B records in a combo list? Where would it even come from? lol

Here's the real thing.

Need proof? The layout is same as troys, size is same, + here's original sales thread from owner:


(Blurred as the owner is under a lot of heat right now due to the exposure of this, so done out of respect, not that i care or anything just don't want drama).

Collection #1 to #5 in .torrent form thanks to user @neob and every seeder.

Included README:
Collection #1-5 & Zabugor & AntiPublic, cleaned and compressed.

Originally uploaded by Clorox on

All *.txt and *.sql files have been compressed with Zstandard (zstd) compressor and have *.zst extensions.

Why Zstandard? It's 3-7x faster on decompression than gzip, you can easily grep these
files with zstdgrep without prior decompression into plain text, and its compression rate is better.

The original upload contains lots of zero-sized files, duplicates and empty folders.
Empty folders may be due to to the fact that some of files were off-sync

(marked with yellow or red dots near the folders).
This has been cleaned with 'rmlint'. See 'rmlint.json' file for all duplicates and stuff.

Since the dump is probably originated in Russia and contains Russian words, here's a short glossary:
Zabugor, bugor, забугор, бугор - foreign country (from Russia perspective, i.e. every other country in the world)
Телефон, телефоны - phone number
Почта, почты - mail
Пасс - pass
Раздел - [forum] section
Слив, слитый - leaked/downloaded
Домен, домены - domains
Валид, валиды - valid
Гуд, хор, хороший - good
Приват - private
Покупной, купленный - bought/premium
Расшифровка, расшифрованные - decrypted/cracked
Шоп, шопы, шопов - shops
База - db
Уса - USA
Полуигровой - half gaming
Регчекер, рег чекер - reg checker
Сервис, сервисов - service/services
Форум, форумов - forum/forums
Разбитая база - split db
МД5 + соль - md5 + salt
Обменник - exchanger
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