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90s Sample CDs


The motherfucking supreme ultimate collection of all time

"it would certainly be nice to have more to choose from" - redemption arc edition

now fully deduplicated, organized, and without corrupted files
rainbow titles are cool and fun


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really dumb but mildly informational blog post goes here:
On July 28, 2021, a massive Internet Archive collection of old sample CDs featuring many rare and legendary sample libraries was DMCA'd by an audio production company which owned the rights to one of the discs featured in the archive. I've forgotten exactly how large the collection was before the deletion, but it was around 400-500GB and had over 700 different CDs. When this archive was first made, about a year and a half ago, it started out with 31 CDs totaling to 8.48GB, and grew massively over time. Even in it's early days, it was the only easily accessible source for some rare sample libraries. I'd check in every few months to save the new uploads and all was well. then it got deletd lol

I just so happened to check the page on the Internet Archive some 8 hours after it was deleted. I immediately panic-uploaded my folder, which was only around maybe half of the whole fucking collection up to that point. I started getting in touch with others who were aware of the takedown and who might have had mirrors of the original collection, which lead me to some fun places on Discord and there were a few people who had some libraries that I did not. We talked some shit about the DMCA takedown and it was fun.

As far as I can tell, the company that DMCA claimed the archive only had the rights to 1 or 2 of the sample libraries in it. And they nuked the whole fucking thing.

After maybe 3 or 4 days of gathering everything i could find i fucking threw everything into one big fuckoff folder with like a million individual .wav files, fucking random disk images mixed in with converted rips of the original discs, a whopping 70 motherfucking gigabytes of corrupted shit, random duplicates of entire libraries, and i fucking clicked "upload" on that shit like a fucking retard because i wanted this shit to be back on the Internet as fast as possible.

I fucking posted torrents of that shit to reddit and 4chan because I wanted to get the word out about how the Internet Archive handled this DMCA claim, and to use strangers on the internet as an effective backup method. The goddamn torrent was like 80 fucking megabytes because of the enormous amount of individual files spread across all these folders inside of folders and more folders and fuck. there are some poor motherfuckers that downloaded that whole thing in the pathetic state that it was in. I seeded like 50 goddamn TB of that garbage!

Yet somehow, a whole lot of people were happy with it, and shared the site/torrent around. Lots of messages of thanks and "this is based epic" etc. My server fucking went down like 3 times and it was funny as fuck watching the nginx logs pile up. For such a shitty rushed fucking archive, people genuinely appreciated it. I did not expect there to be really any interest in this shit at all.

Eventually, my site caught the attention of the company that took down the original archive, and I recieved an e-mail from them thats probably going to stick with me for a long time.
TL;DR i'm not copypasting those emails but the dude basically apologized and said i could keep that shit up (but that might change tho) (also i might let you read it if you ask nicely)

I've been meaning to actually improve this archive for like 2 weeks now but I kept putting it off cuz i'm lazy. Then i started getting e-mails from music producers, like actual motherfuckers in the industry who have worked with real big boy artists, who were interested in this fun little collection.
This blew my fucking mind, and I proceeded to spend 4 fucking days reorganizing this shit in a way that made actual sense and also I found like an asston of shit that i didnt have before, some of it wasn't even in the original archive but its getting uploaded anyway lets goooooo

Big fucking thanks to everyone who made this possible. You guys are legends.
Another big fucking thanks (and an apology) to those who wasted their bandwidth downloading from my original torrent.​

frequently asked questions (read this shit):
What is a sample CD?
In music, sampling is the reuse of a portion (or sample) of a sound recording in another recording. Samples may comprise elements such as rhythm, melody, speech, sounds, or entire bars of music, and may be layered, equalized, sped up or slowed down, repitched, looped, or otherwise manipulated. They are usually integrated using hardware (samplers) or software such as digital audio workstations.

A sample CD is a compact disc designed to be used with a sampling instrument. It may be either a regular audio CD (CDDA) or data CD-ROM containing samples such as drum loops, musical instruments, musical phrases, or other sounds which can be used in a sampler for composition, foley or sound design.

Many of these CDs use proprietary audio formats and can be difficult to use on a modern computer. Of course, some sample CDs were simple CDDA audio, but many others were designed for use in hardware samplers, notably those made by AKAI and Roland. These discs require expensive, proprietary, Windows-only tools to work with on a modern computer, and not very many people own the hardware samplers that these discs were designed for.

Today, most sample libraries are sold online through digital downloads in wav/aiff/exs24/whatever formats. Most modern sample packs are also completely uninspired dogshit marketed towards 12 year olds with a cracked copy of FL studio trying to make dumb little hip hop trap beats for their stupid little friends to rap over. Fuck you cymatics

Who fucking cares about these ancient CDs?
You do. You have heard the sounds from these discs countless times, from regular old music you hear on the radio, from video game and movie soundtracks, and from shitty stock music played in commercials. Start digging through any old Spectrasonics, Zero-G, or Best Service CD and you WILL find sounds that you recognize from other songs in these. These sample libraries are fucking legendary and still have a heavy influence on digital music production today.

How do I download this shit?
Use a torrent client like qBittorrent or Transmission. If you hate me, use wget to download everything directly from nnty.fun

Why convert everything to .wav?
Because that's what CDXTRACT does. Also, i've never seen any sample libraries distributed in fucking FLAC and i'm not converting all this shit again to FLAC.

Why do you not have the original disc image for (Insert CD here) / Why do you only have (Insert CD here) in .wav format?
Because I couldn't find it. If you find it, send it to me and I will put it here.

The CDXTRACT keygen is fucking malware! Fuck You!
Then don't use it.

This .iso/.bin/.nrg file is corrupted! Fuck You!
No it isn't. Try mounting the file as a virtual drive, as you do with disc images. For windows i recommend Virtual CloneDrive. If that doesn't work, use CDXTRACT 4 or Translator Pro or Extreme Sample Converter. If that doesn't work, good luck lol

WinRAR/7zip/whatever says the .iso is corrupted!
Fuck you.

USB Soundscan vol.56 is corrupted!
I know.

Whats an .s3p file?
I have no fucking idea (please tell me so i can put it here)

How do I use .exb/.ebl files?
You need to download and install this cracked version of an ancient proprietary software sampler called E-MU Emulator X3, and then you need to figure out how to use it yourself because idk wtf i'm doing. The company that made this shit died long ago and the activation servers are down (if you bought this software legitimately, you cannot use it anymore) (thanks R2R)

I have a sample library that you don't have!
Send it to me and I will put it here.

Why do you keep Fucking Sweareing?
Because I've spent an entire week on this shit and its 4 in the fucking morning and I had a real shitty night at work.

I'm a company and I want my shit removed!

E-mail me at [email protected]

images of people saying thanks (you're all bros):

internet archive file list before DMCA takedown:
NameLast modifiedSize
3D Sound - 3D Drums.7z24-Jul-2021 09:30101.9M
3D Sound - 3D Keys VOL-1.7z21-Jul-2021 11:53156.9M
90ssamplecds_files.xml26-Jul-2021 14:11211.4K
90ssamplecds_meta.sqlite24-Jul-2021 09:59943.0K
90ssamplecds_meta.xml26-Jul-2021 14:114.7K
90ssamplecds_reviews.xml26-Jul-2021 14:1134.8K
AKAI Alpine Instruments.7z06-Mar-2020 14:43112.2M
AKAI Anime Sound FX.7z03-Mar-2020 09:08293.7M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-1.7z06-Mar-2020 13:34181.8M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-2.7z06-Mar-2020 13:37202.4M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-3.7z06-Mar-2020 13:38141.9M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-4.7z06-Mar-2020 13:40186.3M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-5.7z06-Mar-2020 13:4183.5M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-6.7z06-Mar-2020 13:43221.0M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-7.7z06-Mar-2020 13:45138.9M
AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Library VOL-8.7z06-Mar-2020 13:46178.9M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Ultimate.7z06-Mar-2020 14:4633.1M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 1.7z06-Mar-2020 14:48206.7M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 2.7z06-Mar-2020 14:50278.0M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 3.7z06-Mar-2020 14:51136.9M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 4.7z06-Mar-2020 14:54207.7M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 5.7z06-Mar-2020 14:5686.5M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - Volume 6.7z06-Mar-2020 14:58254.5M
AKAI S6000 CD-ROM - WorldSounds.7z06-Mar-2020 14:5954.3M
AMG - 160dB The Drum and Bass Interface.7z03-Mar-2020 09:11333.4M
AMG - Black 2 Black Killer Vocals VOL-2.7z13-Jul-2021 05:20509.6M
AMG - Black II Black VOL-1.7z16-May-2021 13:17251.3M
AMG - Global Trance Mission VOL-1.7z13-Jul-2021 21:09160.4M
AMG - Global Trance Mission VOL-2.7z07-Mar-2020 02:01230.2M
AMG - Gota Yashiki Groove Activator.7z29-Nov-2019 02:2381.4M
AMG - Keith LeBlanc Phat Butt Jams.7z13-Jul-2021 05:24400.5M
AMG - Kickin' Lunatic Beats 1.7z07-Apr-2021 06:03172.5M
AMG - Kickin' Lunatic Beats 2.7z07-Apr-2021 06:05158.7M
AMG - Loop Soup VOL-1.7z23-Jul-2021 12:55216.9M
AMG - Now.7z28-Apr-2021 07:39495.0M
AMG - Pascal's Bongo Massive Most Wanted Beatz.7z13-Jul-2021 05:31677.3M
AMG - Prototype Drum & Bass.7z13-Jul-2021 21:11208.5M
AMG - Rythm of Life.7z18-Jul-2021 19:50268.2M
AMG - Sample Messiah Harder Faster Louder.7z18-Jul-2021 07:26268.7M
AMG - Simeon Dirtbag.7z18-Jul-2021 07:24199.8M
AMG - Vince Clarke Lucky Bastard.7z13-Jul-2021 05:34264.0M
AMG Gold - Lizard Breaks.7z19-Jun-2021 22:37176.9M
AMG Megabass REMIX! VOL-1 & 2.7z27-Jun-2020 23:35583.9M
ARP Solina.7z07-Mar-2020 02:02164.9M
Apple Loops - Ambient FX Guitar Loops.7z13-Jul-2021 21:1296.4M
Audio Factory - Classical Wild Takes.7z18-Jun-2021 21:12115.3M
Back In Time Records - Big Bang.7z07-Mar-2020 02:03118.0M
Back In Time Records - Korg Universe VOL-1.7z07-Mar-2020 02:05180.2M
Back In Time Rrcords - Elektra Vox.7z13-Jul-2021 05:36230.8M
Beatnik - Deep Fried Hammond.7z24-Jul-2021 09:34407.9M
Best Service - Advanced Media Trax 1 - Living Sounds.7z07-Apr-2021 06:07296.9M
Best Service - Advanced Media Trax 2 - Classic Composer.7z07-Apr-2021 06:08209.1M
Best Service - Advanced Media Trax 3 - Modern Composer.7z23-Jun-2020 16:52267.4M
Best Service - Advanced Media Trax 4 - Building Blocks.7z23-Jun-2020 16:54140.7M
Best Service - Advanced Media Trax 5 - Media Tracks.7z07-Apr-2021 06:12461.2M
Best Service - Advanced Mega Effects.7z06-Mar-2020 22:26126.6M
Best Service - Advanced Orchestra Upgrade '97 VOL-1.7z21-Jul-2021 11:56206.1M
Best Service - Alpha Dance VOL-1.7z13-Jul-2021 05:37105.7M
Best Service - Alpha Dance VOL-2.7z13-Jul-2021 05:39195.6M
Best Service - Alpine Volksmusik.7z06-Mar-2020 22:27112.2M
Best Service - Blue Box (16 CDs).7z19-Jun-2021 23:113.3G
Best Service - Brass Super Section.7z06-Mar-2020 22:30295.1M
Best Service - Complete Urban Flava.7z19-Jun-2021 23:17436.2M
Best Service - Dance Mega Add On Grooves.7z06-Mar-2020 22:33276.2M
Best Service - Dance Mega Drum-Kits.7z18-Jul-2021 19:56124.2M
Best Service - Dance Mega Drums CD1.7z03-Mar-2020 19:22124.2M
Best Service - Dance Mega Drums CD2.7z13-Jul-2021 05:40119.0M
Best Service - Dance Mega Hip-Hop 2.7z13-Jul-2021 05:42279.8M
Best Service - Dance Mega Hip-Hop Electro.7z13-Jul-2021 05:45222.9M
Best Service - Dance Mega Jungle Rave.7z06-Mar-2020 22:35248.8M
Best Service - Extended Classical Choir.7z07-Apr-2021 06:14285.5M
Best Service - Festa Latina VOL-2.7z18-Jul-2021 08:26329.7M
Best Service - Festa Latina VOL-3.7z19-Jun-2021 23:25736.5M
Best Service - Future Trance Anthems.7z17-Apr-2021 17:36390.2M
Best Service - Gigapack 1.7z29-Nov-2019 02:26418.7M
Best Service - Gigapack 2.7z29-Nov-2019 02:29324.3M
Best Service - Hallelujah.7z07-Apr-2021 06:17312.9M
Best Service - Horny Club Sounds.7z29-Nov-2019 02:31255.6M
Best Service - Housemaster.7z07-Apr-2021 06:19272.1M
Best Service - Hyper Dance.7z06-Mar-2020 22:37275.9M
Best Service - Killer Horns.7z06-Mar-2020 22:3888.9M
Best Service - Oliver Lieb Samples.7z19-Apr-2021 20:38242.8M
Best Service - Orient Odyssee.7z19-Apr-2021 20:42386.3M
Best Service - Peter Siedlaczek's Advanced Orchestra FULL.7z06-Mar-2020 22:521.6G
Best Service - Psy-FX.7z19-Apr-2021 20:46487.6M
Best Service - Real Mega Different.7z21-Jul-2021 11:59277.2M
Best Service - Real Mega Drums VOL-1.7z13-Jul-2021 05:46131.8M
Best Service - Real Mega Rhythm.7z21-Jul-2021 12:02303.8M
Best Service - Robot & Computers.7z07-Apr-2021 06:21187.6M
Best Service - Voice Spectral VOL-1.7z09-May-2021 14:41264.3M
Best Service - Voice Spectral VOL-2.7z16-May-2021 13:15137.4M
Best Service - Voodoo Grooves Ritual Percussion.7z19-Apr-2021 20:48317.9M
Best Service - World Colours.7z06-Mar-2020 22:55302.4M
Best Service - XXL Analogue Dreams.7z13-Jul-2021 05:50283.2M
Best Service - XXL Club Edition 1.7z07-Apr-2021 06:22200.9M
Best Service - XXL Club Edition 2.7z07-Apr-2021 06:24172.4M
Best Service - XXL Club Edition 3.7z13-Jul-2021 05:52291.0M
Best Service - XXL Club Edition 4.7z13-Jul-2021 05:55236.2M
Best Service - XXL Extreme 1 - 1750 Brandnew DrumLoops.7z13-Jul-2021 05:58335.7M
Best Service - XXL Most Wanted 1.7z06-Mar-2020 22:59278.1M
Best Service - XXL Most Wanted 2.7z06-Mar-2020 22:56160.2M
Best Service - XXL No Kick VOL-2.7z13-Jul-2021 06:02256.2M
Best Service - XXL Pads.7z06-Mar-2020 23:02330.8M
Best Service - XXL Production Effects.7z07-Apr-2021 06:27316.5M
Best Service - XXL String Machines.7z19-Jun-2021 23:27145.5M
Best Service - XXL The Killer VOL-1.7z21-Jul-2021 12:05290.4M
Best Service - XXL The Killer VOL-2.7z21-Jul-2021 12:08281.2M
Big Fish Audio - Alien Guitars.7z16-May-2021 13:18238.8M
Big Fish Audio - Club Bangaz Hip-Hop Edition.7z22-Jun-2021 18:25276.2M
Big Fish Audio - DOM.7z14-Jul-2021 06:26123.1M
Big Fish Audio - DX7 Keys.7z28-Apr-2021 07:4093.2M
Big Fish Audio - Didgeridoo and Other Primitive Instruments.7z18-Jun-2021 21:15298.5M
Big Fish Audio - Dirt Keeps The Funk.7z22-Jun-2021 18:31377.0M
Big Fish Audio - Dread The Reggae Collection.7z19-Apr-2021 20:53487.7M
Big Fish Audio - Electric Ghetto.7z14-Jul-2021 06:34798.5M
Big Fish Audio - First Call Vintage Keyboards.7z07-Mar-2020 02:08343.6M
Big Fish Audio - Guitar Expressions 1 & 2.7z21-Jul-2021 12:14546.3M
Big Fish Audio - Hardcore Breakbeat Action.7z14-Jul-2021 06:56661.6M
Big Fish Audio - Legendary - Smooth RnB.7z14-Jul-2021 07:121.5G
Big Fish Audio - Megaton Bomb CD1.7z09-May-2021 14:43268.6M
Big Fish Audio - Megaton Bomb CD2.7z09-May-2021 14:46307.6M
Big Fish Audio - Old Skool House.7z14-Jul-2021 07:16409.4M
Big Fish Audio - Prosonus ProFX CD1.7z07-Apr-2021 06:29301.6M
Big Fish Audio - Prosonus ProFX CD2.7z07-Apr-2021 06:32312.0M
Big Fish Audio - Ross Garfield Drums VOL-1.7z18-Jul-2021 19:51114.1M
Big Fish Audio - Ross Garfield The Drum Doctor Does Drums 1 & 2.7z21-Jul-2021 12:16191.6M
Big Fish Audio - Synclav FM.7z07-Mar-2020 02:10270.4M
Big Fish Audio - Synth City VOL-1.7z21-Jul-2021 12:25546.6M
Big Fish Audio - Uncivilised G'rooves.7z30-Nov-2019 19:55372.3M
Bolder Sounds - Bolder Pianos.7z21-Jul-2021 12:26141.7M
Bolder Sounds - Granular.7z07-Mar-2020 02:13319.4M
Boss - DR-660.7z19-Jun-2021 23:2737.5M
CMP - Analogon.7z07-Mar-2020 02:15228.3M
Cakewalk - E-Mu Proteus Pack.7z16-Jul-2021 17:03150.4M
Club-50 - Foundations Roland.7z27-Jun-2020 23:48541.5M
Coldcut's - Kleptomania VOL1.7z29-Nov-2019 02:32139.2M
Crypton - DrumBase5000.7z21-Jul-2021 12:28139.8M
Digital Sound Factory VOL-4 - Ensoniq.7z13-Jul-2021 06:0248.2M
Drumdrops - Drops In The Bronx.7z11-Jul-2021 07:14487.5M
Drumdrops - Drumdrops In Dub VOL-1.7z11-Jul-2021 07:20674.6M
Drumdrops - Drumdrops In Dub VOL-2 - Part 1.7z11-Jul-2021 08:132.7G
Drumdrops - Drumdrops In Dub VOL-2 - Part 2.7z11-Jul-2021 08:452.5G
Drums In Your FACE!.7z07-Mar-2020 02:18263.0M
E-Lab - Smokers Delight.7z13-Jul-2021 06:22788.1M
E-Lab - XTC Files of Jungle.7z13-Jul-2021 06:27398.2M
E-Lab - XTC Files of Techno.7z23-Jul-2021 12:57206.7M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-01.7z18-Jun-2021 21:17104.1M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-02.7z18-Jun-2021 21:18105.4M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-03.7z18-Jun-2021 21:19111.3M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-04.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2093.2M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-05.7z18-Jun-2021 21:22116.2M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-06.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2253.5M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-07.7z18-Jun-2021 21:23143.5M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-08.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2455.4M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-09.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2568.5M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-10.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2656.5M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-11.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2772.4M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-12.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2781.9M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-13.7z18-Jun-2021 21:29150.7M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-14.7z18-Jun-2021 21:2911.7M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-15.7z18-Jun-2021 21:30100.9M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-16.7z18-Jun-2021 21:3281.9M
E-MU - EIIIX Sound Library - VOL-17.7z18-Jun-2021 21:34178.1M
E-MU Producer Series VOL-7 - Old World Instruments.7z19-Jun-2021 23:31420.6M
E-Mu - Sound Library Sampler CD-ROM.7z07-Apr-2021 06:5130.3M
EZ Rollers - Drum and Bass.7z13-Jul-2021 21:14162.5M
East Collexion - Drum 1 Dry.7z12-Jul-2021 13:5581.7M
East Collexion - Drum 2 Wet.7z12-Jul-2021 13:56102.9M
East Connexion - Percussion.7z18-Jun-2021 21:1556.4M
East West - Aerosmith's Joey Kramer Drumloops & Samples.7z22-Jun-2021 18:37573.2M
East West - Bob Clearmountain 256 Drum Samples.7z18-Jul-2021 19:52102.9M
East West - Bob Clearmountain Drums VOL-2.7z18-Jul-2021 07:18169.7M
East West - Bob Clearmountain Percussion and Bass.7z18-Jul-2021 19:54154.5M
East West - Dance Industrial 1.7z07-Apr-2021 06:3365.6M
East West - Dance Industrial 2.7z07-Apr-2021 06:35300.7M
East West - Dance Mega Hip Hop 1.7z07-Apr-2021 06:38279.8M
East West - Dance Mega Hip Hop 2.7z07-Apr-2021 06:40222.9M
East West - Funky Ass Loops.7z13-Jul-2021 06:05274.6M
East West - Global Sounds.7z07-Mar-2020 00:02250.1M
East West - Phat & Phunky CD1.7z07-Apr-2021 06:42223.5M
East West - Phat & Phunky CD2.7z07-Apr-2021 06:43199.0M
East West - Prosamples 16 - Guitar & Bass.7z22-Jun-2021 18:39229.3M
East West - Quantum Leap Brass (FULL).7z07-Mar-2020 00:101.1G
East West - Quantum Leap Horns Sax.7z07-Mar-2020 00:13311.9M
East West - Scoring Tools.7z07-Apr-2021 06:46273.4M
East West - Smoov Grooves.7z28-Jun-2020 00:05699.9M
East West - Steve Stevens Guitar Samples Collection.7z07-Apr-2021 06:48267.8M
East West - Symphonic Adventures.7z07-Mar-2020 00:17247.5M
East West - Technophobia.7z13-Jul-2021 06:07204.6M
East West - Tekno Industrial.7z07-Mar-2020 00:19277.2M
East West - The Ultimate Piano Collection.7z07-Apr-2021 06:4886.5M
East West - The Ultimate String Collection.7z07-Apr-2021 06:51300.2M
EdgeSounds - Drum Mashines VOL-1.7z07-Mar-2020 02:20193.1M
Equipped Music - Loungin House.7z13-Jul-2021 06:391.0G
Extreme Music - Drones.7z19-Apr-2021 20:57361.1M
Fox Samples - Back to the 70s Guitars.7z24-Jul-2021 09:36202.0M
Future Music CD1.7z29-Nov-2019 02:35413.4M
Garritan - GigaHarp.7z07-Mar-2020 02:2092.5M
Giga Samples Collection.7z07-Mar-2020 02:24462.7M
Goldbaby Tape808 & Tape909.7z29-Nov-2019 02:36122.9M
Good Stuff Audio - Didgeridoo And Overtone.7z19-Apr-2021 21:01366.2M
Greytsounds - Philip Wolfe David Crozier's Saxophones.7z13-Jul-2021 06:41171.8M
Greytsounds - Scott Peers Sound Engineering.7z07-Mar-2020 02:2598.9M
Greytsounds VOL-1.7z07-Mar-2020 02:27237.6M
Hollywood Edge - Giorgio Moroder Rare Synthesizer Collection.7z18-Jul-2021 19:59216.5M
Hollywood Edge - The Big Bad Beatmachine.7z07-Mar-2020 02:2718.8M
ILIO - Double Platinum Drums 1.7z11-Jul-2021 08:52584.3M
ILIO - Double Platinum Drums 2.7z07-Apr-2021 06:52104.0M
ILIO - Ethno Techno CD2.7z07-Mar-2020 00:20133.8M
ILIO - Ethno Techno CD4.7z07-Mar-2020 00:22227.9M
ILIO - Fretworks - Blues Guitar Samples.7z07-Apr-2021 06:54256.2M
ILIO - Hot Steel Blues.7z07-Apr-2021 06:56231.1M
ILIO - Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings VOL-1.7z11-Jul-2021 08:53152.4M
ILIO - Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings VOL-2.7z11-Jul-2021 08:55132.7M
ILIO - Kirk Hunter Virtuoso Strings VOL-3.7z11-Jul-2021 08:56117.1M
ILIO - Propeller Island Complete Gamelan.7z09-May-2021 14:48180.3M
ILIO - Propeller Island Legendary M400.7z07-Mar-2020 00:24247.2M
ILIO - Propeller Islands Cathedral Organ.7z07-Mar-2020 00:25211.8M
ILIO - Synclavier Percussion 2 - World & Orchestral.7z09-May-2021 14:49191.4M
ILIO - Synclavier Sampler Library - Keys and Guitars.7z06-Mar-2020 19:01254.2M
ILIO - Synclavier Strings.7z19-Jun-2021 23:32164.6M
ILIO - Trance Fusion Sample CD.7z07-Mar-2020 00:28274.3M
ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-1 - Gospel.7z16-May-2021 13:14273.5M
ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-2 - Blues & Soul.7z16-May-2021 13:12234.7M
ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-3 - Jazz & FX.7z16-May-2021 13:10269.9M
ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-4 - R&B & Dance.7z16-May-2021 13:26298.1M
ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-5 - World Voices.7z16-May-2021 13:24308.8M
ILIO - Vocal Planet VOL-6 - Data Disc.7z16-May-2021 13:22448.5M
INIS - Funky Xtreams.7z21-Jul-2021 12:32279.0M
INIS - Opium.7z18-Jun-2021 21:35164.3M
INIS - Vintage.7z21-Jul-2021 12:3359.7M
InVision Interactive - 40 Oz Phat Slammin Hip Hop.7z07-Apr-2021 06:5786.7M
InVision Interactive - Keith Emerson - The Most Dangerous Synth and Organ.7z07-Mar-2020 02:29216.4M
InVision Interactive - Keith Emerson Lucky Man.7z21-Jul-2021 12:35214.2M
InVision Interactive - Lightware VOL-1 - Instruments & Percussions.7z12-Jul-2021 13:5751.7M
InVision Interactive - Miroslav Vitous - Acoustic Piano.7z07-Apr-2021 06:5721.5M
InVision Interactive - Percussion Slam.7z21-Jul-2021 12:37222.8M
InVision Interactive - The Piano.7z21-Jul-2021 12:39138.5M
Infinite Sound - Ambient Atmospheres.7z21-Jul-2021 12:29129.9M
KJ Sawka - Drum n Bass & Beyond.7z13-Jul-2021 21:19452.8M
KORG - Sound Sampling Collection VOL-3 - Grand Piano 88.7z21-Jul-2021 12:40110.5M
KORG - Sound Sampling Collection VOL-5 - Drums & Bass Fusion Funk Effect.7z21-Jul-2021 12:4191.9M
Kaeru Cafe - British Reggae And Ska Loop.7z19-Jun-2021 23:34122.8M
Keith Emerson - C3 Invasion.7z06-Mar-2020 20:36216.4M
Kid Nepro - Elite.7z12-Jul-2021 13:5723.7M
Korg - DDD-5.7z19-Jun-2021 23:341.5M
Larry Seyer - Upright Acoustic Bass.7z06-Mar-2020 20:37187.9M
M-Audio - Pro Sessions VOL-38 - Abstract World Fusion 2.7z24-Jul-2021 09:39269.7M
M-Audio Pro Sessions VOL-25 - Liquid Cinema - Cinematic Impact.7z12-Jul-2021 13:5898.0M
Mango Loops - Indian Percussion Series - Tabla.7z12-Jul-2021 13:575.7M
Masterbits - Dance Trax.7z11-Jul-2021 08:59213.6M
Masterbits - Inspiration Zone.7z21-Jul-2021 12:44328.8M
Masterbits - Soniq Elements.7z11-Jul-2021 08:5928.4M
Masterbits - Switch FX.7z13-Jul-2021 21:21231.8M
Masterbits - TR-Minator.7z06-Mar-2020 20:4112.0M
Masterbits - Tekkno Therapy.7z13-Jul-2021 21:25374.0M
Masterbits - Tekkno Trax.7z11-Jul-2021 09:03367.0M
Masterbits - Total Zone.7z06-Mar-2020 20:41303.5M
Masterbits - Vintage Voltage.7z06-Mar-2020 20:43292.6M
Masterbits - Vinyl Attack.7z13-Jul-2021 21:27251.0M
Masterbits - World Zone VOL-3 - Salsa Picante.7z18-Jul-2021 07:21315.4M
Masterbits CLIMAX 10 - Add Lips Vocals.7z14-Jul-2021 07:30224.5M
Masterbits CLIMAX 3 - Guitars.7z14-Jul-2021 07:19300.6M
Masterbits CLIMAX 6 - Rapsody (Vocals II).7z29-Nov-2019 02:38293.4M
Masterbits CLIMAX 6 - Saxophone.7z14-Jul-2021 07:22319.0M
Masterbits CLIMAX 7 - Bass.7z06-Mar-2020 20:4443.3M
Masterbits CLIMAX 8 - B3 Organ.7z14-Jul-2021 07:25344.8M
Masterbits CLIMAX 9 - Rapsody.7z14-Jul-2021 07:28293.4M
Mellotron Archive CD.7z06-Mar-2020 20:47322.5M
Mike Pinder - Mellotron.7z06-Mar-2020 20:50322.5M
Miroslav Vitous - Percussion & Harp.7z18-Jun-2021 21:37131.2M
Miroslav Vitous - Solo Instruments VOL-1.7z18-Jun-2021 21:40271.8M
Miroslav Vitous - Solo Instruments VOL-2.7z18-Jun-2021 21:44378.9M
Miroslav Vitous - String Ensembles.7z18-Jun-2021 21:47290.8M
Miroslav Vitous - Woodwind Brass Ensemble.7z18-Jun-2021 21:50259.3M
Music Store - Claudius Diemeter Schwerlos.7z23-Jul-2021 12:59128.7M
Music Store - Einstein VOL-1.7z06-Mar-2020 20:5170.3M
Music Store - Yamaha VP-1.7z23-Jul-2021 13:02257.7M
Mutekki Media - Dance Ultra Voice VOL-1.7z17-Apr-2021 17:39338.2M
Mutekki Media - Diamond Vocals VOL-2.7z17-Apr-2021 17:42345.5M
Mutekki Media - Ultimate Vocals VOL-1.7z17-Apr-2021 17:44239.5M
NiceBeats (NiceBytes) - Studioline 09 - Synth Leads.7z06-Mar-2020 20:53161.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-1.7z07-Mar-2020 03:37294.6M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-10.7z07-Mar-2020 03:57282.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-11.7z07-Mar-2020 03:59272.4M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-12 (.bin+.cue).7z07-Mar-2020 04:02449.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-13.7z07-Mar-2020 04:04303.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-14.7z07-Mar-2020 04:06257.3M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-15.7z07-Mar-2020 04:09313.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-16.7z07-Mar-2020 04:12288.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-17.7z07-Mar-2020 04:14262.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-18.7z07-Mar-2020 04:16282.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-2.7z07-Mar-2020 03:39306.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-20.7z07-Mar-2020 04:20324.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-21.7z07-Mar-2020 04:21226.0M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-22.7z07-Mar-2020 04:23247.6M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-23.7z07-Mar-2020 04:25201.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-24.7z07-Mar-2020 04:26219.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-25.7z07-Mar-2020 04:29292.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-26.7z07-Mar-2020 04:32272.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-27.7z07-Mar-2020 04:34289.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-28.7z07-Mar-2020 04:3467.8M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-29.7z07-Mar-2020 04:3533.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-3.7z07-Mar-2020 03:4091.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-30.7z07-Mar-2020 04:38285.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-31.7z07-Mar-2020 04:40268.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-32.7z07-Mar-2020 04:42234.2M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-33.7z07-Mar-2020 04:46303.7M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-4.7z07-Mar-2020 03:42279.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-5.7z07-Mar-2020 03:44280.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-6.7z07-Mar-2020 03:47274.1M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-7.7z07-Mar-2020 03:49295.5M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-8.7z07-Mar-2020 03:52289.9M
NiceBeats - SynthLine VOL-9.7z07-Mar-2020 03:54295.1M
Norman Cook - Skip to my Loops.7z29-Nov-2019 02:3993.3M
NorthStar - Global Instruments VOL-1.7z28-Apr-2021 07:40115.0M
NorthStar - Global Instruments VOL-2.7z28-Apr-2021 07:35114.6M
NorthStar - The Wizard VOL-1.7z23-Jul-2021 13:04212.1M
NorthStar - The Wizard VOL-2.7z23-Jul-2021 13:07305.3M
Northstar - Drumscapes Roland.7z28-Jun-2020 00:11268.9M
Northstar - New Gold VOL-1.7z06-Mar-2020 20:5497.7M
Northstar - New Gold VOL-2.7z06-Mar-2020 20:55101.5M
Optical Media International - Sonic Images Library.7z09-May-2021 14:51232.8M
Optical Media International - Universe of Sounds.7z22-May-2020 06:44129.0M
Optigan - The Official Orchestron.7z06-Mar-2020 20:57266.6M
Platinum Audiolab - Acoustic Live Drum.7z12-Jul-2021 14:00152.9M
Polestar Magnetics - XL1.7z18-Jan-2021 14:57331.6M
PowerFX - Club Trackbuilders.7z19-Apr-2021 21:07528.8M
PowerFX - Downtown Orchestra.7z13-Jul-2021 21:31316.4M
PowerFX - Nu Jazz House.7z13-Jul-2021 21:32159.4M
PowerFX - Uptown Breaks.7z13-Jul-2021 21:36422.0M
Preview.png06-Mar-2020 18:13240.1K
Preview_thumb.jpg06-Mar-2020 19:316.0K
Pro-Rec - Synthsonic.7z24-Jul-2021 09:43209.7M
Propeller Island - Cathedral Organ.7z24-Jul-2021 09:41244.0M
Q Up Arts - Denny Jaeger Master Violin Library.7z12-Jul-2021 14:0154.4M
Q Up Arts - Denny Jaeger Private Collection.7z06-Mar-2020 20:59183.7M
Q Up Arts - Dream Experience.7z06-Mar-2020 21:01290.7M
Q Up Arts - Johnny.C's Vintage Snare Drum (Possibly Incomplete).7z23-Jul-2021 13:0837.2M
Quantum Leap - Guitar & Bass.7z24-Jul-2021 09:45229.3M
Quazibeat - African Secret.7z19-Apr-2021 21:11459.6M
Quazibeat - Rock Heaven Drums.7z19-Apr-2021 21:16551.5M
Rarefaction - Poke in The Ear With A Sharp Stick.7z06-Mar-2020 21:04274.6M
Rawcutz - Nu Forms.7z13-Jul-2021 21:38167.2M
Roland - Keyboards of The 60's and 70's CD1.7z03-Mar-2020 19:23157.8M
Roland - Keyboards of The 60's and 70's CD2.7z03-Mar-2020 19:28633.5M
Roland - S-50.7z19-Jun-2021 23:3741.4M
Roland - S-550.7z19-Jun-2021 23:3853.9M
Roland - TR-626.7z19-Jun-2021 23:381.4M
Roland - U-220.7z19-Jun-2021 23:3818.7M
Roland JV 2080.7z06-Mar-2020 18:15279.1M
Roland L-CD701.7z28-Jun-2020 00:21305.9M
Roland L-CD702.7z28-Jun-2020 00:44952.1M
Roland L-CDC-01.7z28-Jun-2020 00:47113.6M
Roland L-CDX-01.7z27-Jun-2020 22:55175.5M
Roland L-CDX-02.7z27-Jun-2020 23:07537.0M
Roland L-CDX-03 Disk 1.7z27-Jun-2020 23:13236.2M
Roland L-CDX-03 Disk 2.7z27-Jun-2020 23:21350.7M
Roland LCD1 [iso + nrg].7z28-Jun-2020 00:14113.0M
Roland LCDP01 Drums and Cymbals.7z28-Jun-2020 00:4992.5M
Roland LCDP02 Guitar and Bass.7z28-Jun-2020 00:5183.1M
Roland LCDP03 Orchestral Perc.7z28-Jun-2020 00:53103.6M
Roland LCDP04 Orchestral Winds.7z28-Jun-2020 00:56126.5M
Roland LCDP05 Solo Strings.7z28-Jun-2020 00:59120.2M
Roland LCDP06 Brass Sections.7z28-Jun-2020 01:04212.4M
Roland LCDP07 Super Sax.7z28-Jun-2020 01:07111.2M
Roland LCDP08 Symphony Orchestra.7z28-Jun-2020 01:10119.1M
Roland LCDP09 Keys of the 60s and 70s 1.7z28-Jun-2020 01:13157.0M
Roland LCDP10 Keys of the 60s and 70s 2.7z27-Jun-2020 22:34516.3M
Roland LCDP11 Africa VOL-1.7z27-Jun-2020 22:38130.5M
Roland LCDP12 Solo Brass.7z27-Jun-2020 22:41130.9M
Roland LCDP13 String Sections.7z27-Jun-2020 22:48290.7M
Roland LCDP14 Africa VOL-2.7z27-Jun-2020 22:51118.3M
Rubber Chicken Software Sample Bank.7z12-Jul-2021 14:02142.3M
ST-XX Amiga Soundtracker Sample Packs.7z17-Apr-2020 23:1850.4M
Sample Magic - Classic Chicago House.7z18-Jan-2021 21:15291.4M
Sample Magic - Transmission-X.7z24-Jul-2021 09:48255.1M
Sampleheads - Dave Samuels Marimba & Vibes.7z06-Mar-2020 18:17158.7M
Sampleheads - NYC Percussionworks.7z18-Jun-2021 21:55479.2M
Sampleheads - New York City Drumworks VOL-1.7z12-Jul-2021 14:04202.6M
Sampleheads - Peter Erskine Living Drums.7z23-Jul-2021 13:20187.7M
Sampleheads - Ultra Freakin' Bass.7z12-Jul-2021 14:0470.1M
Sampleheads - Whole Lotta Country 1 & 2.7z23-Jul-2021 13:24379.1M
Sampleheads - Will Lee Bass Library.7z12-Jul-2021 14:06133.5M
Skinny Puppy - Industrial.7z13-Jul-2021 21:39170.1M
Soli-Music - World of Synthesizers VOL-1.7z06-Mar-2020 18:18169.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - 8-Bit Weapon A Chiptune Odyssey.7z16-Jul-2021 17:08398.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Afterhours EDM.7z16-Jul-2021 17:10205.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Ambient Atmospheres & Rhythms.7z16-Jul-2021 17:14312.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Ambient Grooves.7z16-Jul-2021 17:17328.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Bass X.7z16-Jul-2021 17:19170.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Cinematic Funk Urban Tone Poems.7z16-Jul-2021 17:21264.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Club Joints and Street Anthems.7z16-Jul-2021 17:24196.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Continental Drift Aftershocks.7z16-Jul-2021 17:30681.2M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Crimson Blue and Fabulous Horncraft 4 RnB.7z24-Jun-2021 15:52318.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Dr. Fink's Funk Factory.7z16-Jul-2021 17:38717.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Drum Tools.7z16-Jul-2021 08:31290.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Drums & Drones.7z16-Jul-2021 08:40944.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Drums from the Big Room The Mixes.7z16-Jul-2021 08:43393.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Eclectic Electronica.7z16-Jul-2021 08:46256.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Electro Lounge.7z16-Jul-2021 08:49242.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Electrocution.7z16-Jul-2021 08:51278.2M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Electronic Point Blank.7z16-Jul-2021 08:55257.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Esoterik Beatz.7z16-Jul-2021 08:57293.2M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Essential Percussion.7z16-Jul-2021 09:00272.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Fluid Dynamics Drum & Bass.7z16-Jul-2021 09:03271.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Friendly Fire.7z16-Jul-2021 09:06282.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Future Retro Dance Excursions.7z16-Jul-2021 09:09271.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Futurist Drum & Bass.7z16-Jul-2021 09:11235.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Groove Elements.7z16-Jul-2021 09:13278.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Hip-Hop Street Beats Construction Kit.7z16-Jul-2021 09:18188.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Hip-Hop and RnB Vocals.7z16-Jul-2021 09:16272.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Horncraft for R&B.7z16-Jul-2021 09:21284.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Hydroponic Hip-Hop.7z16-Jul-2021 09:26255.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - ILONA.7z16-Jul-2021 09:59382.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Indie Rock Anthems.7z16-Jul-2021 10:02331.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Infinite Soul VOL-1.7z16-Jul-2021 10:04143.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Infinite Soul VOL-2.7z15-Jul-2021 22:24128.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - James Johnson Spektral Minimalism.7z15-Jul-2021 22:28330.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Jazz Solos and Sections.7z15-Jul-2021 22:31255.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Joe Vitale Latin Percussion.7z18-Jun-2021 21:57180.5M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Joe Vitale Organ Donor.7z19-Jun-2021 23:41308.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Knutrix Drum & Bass.7z15-Jul-2021 22:34278.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Leo Cavallo Bass Taster.7z12-Jul-2021 14:08217.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Loop Noir.7z15-Jul-2021 22:37349.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Loops & Samples Drum Tools.7z23-Jul-2021 13:28286.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Lukecage Underground Soundlab Hip-Hop.7z15-Jul-2021 22:39174.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Ma Ja Le Ethereal Textures.7z15-Jul-2021 22:42282.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Mac Money.7z15-Jul-2021 22:44199.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Machine Language.7z15-Jul-2021 22:46287.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Manhattan Flutes.7z18-Jun-2021 22:04639.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Methods of Mayhem Industrial.7z15-Jul-2021 22:49267.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Modular Electronica.7z15-Jul-2021 22:52294.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Myths of Technology.7z15-Jul-2021 22:55266.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Not Just Another Pretty Bass.7z15-Jul-2021 22:59502.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Numina II.7z15-Jul-2021 23:02328.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Orchestral Series VOL-3 - Cinematic.7z15-Jul-2021 23:05315.5M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Orchestral Series VOL-4 - Rock and Pop.7z15-Jul-2021 23:08337.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Orchestral VOL-2.7z15-Jul-2021 23:11298.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Pocket Diva World Class Vocal Samples.7z15-Jul-2021 23:14318.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Processed Drumkits Zero Gravity Beats.7z15-Jul-2021 23:17365.6M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Prototechno.7z15-Jul-2021 23:19284.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - R&B Drums.7z15-Jul-2021 23:21254.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Rhythmicronics Processed Percussion.7z15-Jul-2021 13:02275.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Rondo Brothers Trip-Hop Loops & Samples.7z15-Jul-2021 13:04293.8M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Six-String Orchestra.7z15-Jul-2021 13:12788.3M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Slow Silhouette.7z15-Jul-2021 13:18683.5M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Songwriter Acoustic Guitar Companion.7z15-Jul-2021 13:27900.5M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Stylus Pressure Urban Grooves on Digital Wax.7z15-Jul-2021 13:29265.0M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Synchro Funk.7z15-Jul-2021 13:31280.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Techno Synth Loops 1 Signals I.7z15-Jul-2021 13:3268.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - The Electronic Music Manuscript Collection.7z15-Jul-2021 13:39759.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Trance NRG VOL-1.7z15-Jul-2021 13:43380.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Trance NRG VOL-2.7z15-Jul-2021 13:46306.2M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Twine-IDM.7z15-Jul-2021 13:49323.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Ugly Remnants VOL-2.7z15-Jul-2021 13:52395.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Underground UK House & Electro.7z15-Jul-2021 13:55286.1M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Vir Unis Bug Report.7z15-Jul-2021 13:57281.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Vir Unis Infusion.7z15-Jul-2021 14:01279.4M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Vital Drums.7z15-Jul-2021 14:06685.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Vocal Toolbox.7z15-Jul-2021 14:09282.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - Westside Underground.7z15-Jul-2021 14:10154.9M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - What it Is! 70s Analog Funk.7z18-Jun-2021 22:13994.7M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - World Percussion.7z15-Jul-2021 14:12242.5M
Sonic Foundry (Sony Creative Software) - World Pop.7z15-Jul-2021 14:14217.5M
Sonic Reality - American Heartland.7z18-May-2021 23:13128.6M
Sonic Reality - Interactive Drum Kits.7z24-Jul-2021 09:50163.9M
Sonic Reality - Vintage Timetraveler.7z18-Jun-2021 22:15204.0M
Sonokinetic - The Roots Drumloops.7z12-Jul-2021 14:171,011.6M
Sound Gallery - Charged.7z07-Apr-2021 06:59163.2M
Sound Gallery - Stack Ware.7z12-Jul-2021 14:19254.7M
Sound On Sound - Peter Siedleczek's Orchestra.7z24-Jul-2021 09:51129.6M
SoundBytes - Early Patches.7z29-May-2021 21:1279.3M
Soundengine - CSR-000 The Art of Transwaves.7z12-Jul-2021 14:2037.6M
Sounds Good - Eurotech.7z07-Apr-2021 07:01305.0M
Sounds Good - Methods of Mayhem.7z06-Mar-2020 18:20238.0M
Sounds Good - Roots Reggae.7z06-Mar-2020 18:21111.8M
Soundscan - Ethereal Atmospheres.7z07-Apr-2021 07:02129.9M
Spectrasonics - Backbeat DISC-A.7z07-Apr-2021 07:04144.7M
Spectrasonics - Backbeat DISC-B.7z07-Apr-2021 07:06159.1M
Spectrasonics - Backbeat DISC-C.7z07-Apr-2021 07:07165.8M
Spectrasonics - Bass Legends CD1.7z07-Apr-2021 07:09174.1M
Spectrasonics - Bass Legends CD2.7z07-Apr-2021 07:10131.1M
Spectrasonics - Bizarre Guitar.7z10-Apr-2021 01:25276.1M
Spectrasonics - Burning Grooves CD2.7z24-Jul-2021 09:52125.9M
Spectrasonics - Distorted Reality 1.7z29-Nov-2019 02:42334.1M
Spectrasonics - Distorted Reality 2.7z29-Nov-2019 02:45502.7M
Spectrasonics - Hans Zimmer Guitars VOL-1.7z07-Apr-2021 07:12257.8M
Spectrasonics - Hans Zimmer Guitars VOL-2.7z07-Apr-2021 07:13119.6M
Spectrasonics - Heart of Africa 1.7z09-May-2021 14:53204.0M
Spectrasonics - Heart of Africa 2.7z07-Apr-2021 07:16241.8M
Spectrasonics - Heart of Asia 1.7z09-May-2021 14:55255.6M
Spectrasonics - Heart of Asia 2.7z09-May-2021 14:57231.1M
Spectrasonics - Liquid Grooves 1 & 2.7z12-May-2021 15:08398.8M
Spectrasonics - Metamorphosis.7z18-Jun-2021 22:19299.1M
Spectrasonics - Supreme Beats CD1.7z18-Jun-2021 22:25415.5M
Spectrasonics - Supreme Beats CD2.7z18-Jun-2021 22:29475.6M
Spectrasonics - Symphony of Voices.7z29-May-2021 21:221.3G
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet (FULL - PACKED).7z06-Mar-2020 19:002.3G
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet CD1 - Gospel.7z03-Mar-2020 18:01282.7M
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet CD2 - Blues Soul.7z03-Mar-2020 18:04234.7M
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet CD3 - Jazz FX.7z03-Mar-2020 18:06272.6M
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet CD5 - World Voices.7z03-Mar-2020 18:09100.5M
Spectrasonics - Vocal Planet CD6 - Groove Control.7z03-Mar-2020 18:13448.5M
Spectrasonics Vocal Planet CD4 - R&B Dance.7z03-Mar-2020 18:08297.9M
Syntaur - Keith Emerson Signature Series - SCD-4.7z12-Jul-2021 14:22286.6M
Syntaur - Steve Gadd Drumscores - SCD-3.7z12-Jul-2021 14:411.9G
Syntec - Wall of Sounds VOL-2.7z12-Jul-2021 14:46444.2M
Synthworx - Access Virus B.7z06-Mar-2020 19:04300.7M
Synthworx - Korg MS-2000.7z06-Mar-2020 19:06132.8M
The Music Suite - Ethnic Percussion VOL-1.7z09-May-2021 14:5879.5M
Total Control - Action Cutz.7z06-Mar-2020 19:08246.9M
Total Control - Real Time Fiilter.7z12-Jul-2021 14:48214.2M
USB - Carib'Bean Killers.7z23-Jul-2021 13:36261.3M
USB - Church Organ VOL-1.7z23-Jul-2021 13:38258.6M
USB - Church Organ VOL-2.7z23-Jul-2021 13:41241.0M
USB - Mediteranean Instruments CD2.7z19-Jun-2021 23:46108.9M
USB Samploscopie VOL-2 - Vintage Sounds.7z12-Jul-2021 14:53542.5M
USB Samploscopie VOL-3 - New Ambient Edge.7z12-Jul-2021 14:55262.5M
USB Soundscan VOL-01 - Hard & Loud Techno.7z24-Jun-2021 04:07124.2M
USB Soundscan VOL-02 - Underground Hip Hop.7z24-Jun-2021 04:08141.9M
USB Soundscan VOL-03 - Pure Electro.7z24-Jun-2021 04:10137.4M
USB Soundscan VOL-04 - Electric & Acoustic Guitar Loops.7z24-Jun-2021 04:11110.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-05 - Explosive Jungle.7z24-Jun-2021 04:12161.2M
USB Soundscan VOL-07 - Drum Loops Crazy Processed.7z24-Jun-2021 04:13147.9M
USB Soundscan VOL-08 - Jazz Latin Drumloops.7z24-Jun-2021 04:15173.8M
USB Soundscan VOL-09 - Keyboards Old School.7z24-Jun-2021 04:1676.9M
USB Soundscan VOL-10 - Drums Acoustic.7z24-Jun-2021 04:1781.7M
USB Soundscan VOL-11 - Drums Dance & Groove.7z24-Jun-2021 04:1724.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-12 - Bass Analog & Synth.7z24-Jun-2021 04:1726.4M
USB Soundscan VOL-13 - Ethereal Atmosphere.7z24-Jun-2021 04:18129.9M
USB Soundscan VOL-14 - Special FX Twisted.7z24-Jun-2021 04:20139.2M
USB Soundscan VOL-16 - Brazil Bossa.7z24-Jun-2021 04:22130.6M
USB Soundscan VOL-17 - Keyboards Acoustic.7z24-Jun-2021 04:2390.5M
USB Soundscan VOL-18 - Funky Vocals.7z24-Jun-2021 04:24146.2M
USB Soundscan VOL-19 - Hip Hop R'n B.7z24-Jun-2021 04:25156.2M
USB Soundscan VOL-20 - Fresh Disco House I.7z24-Jun-2021 04:27122.8M
USB Soundscan VOL-21 - Fresh Disco House 2.7z22-Jun-2021 18:40107.1M
USB Soundscan VOL-22 - Vintage Blues Guitar.7z22-Jun-2021 18:41130.3M
USB Soundscan VOL-23 - Historical Instruments.7z22-Jun-2021 18:43116.7M
USB Soundscan VOL-24 - Industrial Loops.7z22-Jun-2021 18:45159.6M
USB Soundscan VOL-25 - Big Beat Drumloops.7z22-Jun-2021 18:46155.3M
USB Soundscan VOL-26 - Big Beat Samples & More.7z22-Jun-2021 18:50152.9M
USB Soundscan VOL-27 - Ragga & Dub Reggae.7z22-Jun-2021 18:52163.9M
USB Soundscan VOL-28 - Choir Acoustic & Synth.7z22-Jun-2021 18:53134.4M
USB Soundscan VOL-29 - Killer Brass Riffs.7z22-Jun-2021 18:54139.7M
USB Soundscan VOL-30 - Bass Grooves.7z22-Jun-2021 18:55127.1M
USB Soundscan VOL-31 - Miro's Grooves.7z22-Jun-2021 18:57121.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-32 - Roots Disco.7z22-Jun-2021 18:58120.5M
USB Soundscan VOL-33 - Disjointed Textures.7z22-Jun-2021 19:00218.9M
USB Soundscan VOL-34 - Burning Grunge Hip-Hop.7z22-Jun-2021 19:02156.2M
USB Soundscan VOL-35 - Dark Side of Trip-Hop.7z22-Jun-2021 19:04167.5M
USB Soundscan VOL-36 - Percussion Loops.7z22-Jun-2021 19:06122.3M
USB Soundscan VOL-37 - Pop-Rock Drumloops.7z22-Jun-2021 19:08127.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-38 - Funk-Groove Drumloops.7z22-Jun-2021 19:09159.7M
USB Soundscan VOL-39 - Brushed Drum Loops.7z22-Jun-2021 19:11141.6M
USB Soundscan VOL-40 - Complete Accordions.7z22-Jun-2021 19:12176.7M
USB Soundscan VOL-41 - Roots Funk.7z22-Jun-2021 19:13100.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-42 - Celtic Flavours.7z22-Jun-2021 19:15168.3M
USB Soundscan VOL-43 - Arabian Traditions.7z22-Jun-2021 19:16131.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-45 - Indian Traditions.7z22-Jun-2021 19:17169.6M
USB Soundscan VOL-46 - 70's Breakbeats.7z22-Jun-2021 19:1873.5M
USB Soundscan VOL-47 - Hip-Hop & R&B 2.7z22-Jun-2021 19:2096.6M
USB Soundscan VOL-48 - Ominous Drones.7z22-Jun-2021 19:21149.8M
USB Soundscan VOL-49 - Analog Fantasies.7z22-Jun-2021 19:2297.8M
USB Soundscan VOL-51 - House Side of 2-Step.7z22-Jun-2021 19:23132.7M
USB Soundscan VOL-53 - Mediteranean Traditions.7z22-Jun-2021 19:24108.6M
USB Soundscan VOL-59 - Spanish And Gypsy Traditions.7z22-Jun-2021 19:26164.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-60 - Asian Traditions.7z22-Jun-2021 19:27113.0M
USB Soundscan VOL-62 - Complete Harps.7z22-Jun-2021 19:28112.6M
USB Soundscan VOL-63 - Balkanish Traditions.7z22-Jun-2021 19:30169.0M
Ueberschall - Black Beats From Da Block.7z13-Jul-2021 21:42302.1M
Ueberschall - Brazil Electro.7z11-Jul-2021 09:07438.6M
Ueberschall - Da Nu Hip-Hop Era CD1.7z13-Jul-2021 21:45296.5M
Ueberschall - Drum & Bass Flash Trackz.7z11-Jul-2021 09:10250.9M
Ueberschall - Drum & Bass Resonance.7z11-Jul-2021 09:12228.6M
Ueberschall - Easy Listening.7z11-Jul-2021 09:21436.3M
Ueberschall - Eurodance.7z19-Jun-2021 23:45389.2M
Ueberschall - Future FX.7z24-Jul-2021 09:57357.9M
Ueberschall - Hardtechno vs Schranz.7z13-Jul-2021 21:571.0G
Ueberschall - House Musique Disco and French House.7z14-Jul-2021 07:33317.9M
Ueberschall - Houseworx.7z29-Nov-2019 02:47298.5M
Ueberschall - Jam Box.7z06-Mar-2020 19:10252.1M
Ueberschall - Jazz Guitar 2.7z14-Jul-2021 07:471.5G
Ueberschall - Loop Essentials.7z14-Jul-2021 07:54863.4M
Ueberschall - Nu Metal.7z13-Jul-2021 22:07857.7M
Ueberschall - Rhodes Attacks.7z11-Jul-2021 09:26318.0M
Ueberschall - Techno Trance Essentials.7z13-Jul-2021 22:11358.6M
Ueberschall - Urban Jointz.7z13-Jul-2021 22:19927.8M
Univers Sons - Basicussions.7z06-Mar-2020 17:05164.7M
Univers Sons - Jazzistic CD 1 & 2.7z06-Mar-2020 17:10508.1M
Univers Sons - Kitch 70s.7z06-Mar-2020 17:12218.8M
Univers Sons - Raricussions.7z06-Mar-2020 17:13211.5M
Univers Sons - Vintage Sounds 1 & 2.7z23-Jul-2021 13:33542.5M
Urban Shakedown.7z17-Apr-2020 23:186.2M
Vengeance - Essential Clubsounds VOL-1.7z29-Nov-2019 02:50362.8M
Vengeance - Essential Clubsounds VOL-2.7z11-Jul-2021 09:31425.1M
Vengeance - Essential Clubsounds VOL-3.7z11-Jul-2021 09:38555.1M
Vengeance - Essential Clubsounds VOL-4.7z11-Jul-2021 09:59908.0M
Vengeance - Essential Clubsounds VOL-5.7z11-Jul-2021 10:272.0G
Vengeance - Essential Deep House VOL-1.7z11-Jul-2021 10:34543.2M
Voice Crystal - Steve Reid Definitive Percussion.7z06-Mar-2020 19:10114.1M
Waveform Recordings - Classic House.7z24-Jul-2021 09:59273.5M
Wizoo - Platinum 24 Electronic.7z06-Mar-2020 17:15115.6M
Wizoo - Powered DX.7z06-Mar-2020 17:17306.5M
Wizoo - Powered Nord.7z06-Mar-2020 17:1886.1M
Wizoo - Powered Wave.7z06-Mar-2020 17:21377.2M
Wurlitzer EP200.7z06-Mar-2020 19:1112.1M
X-Static Goldmine - CD1.7z29-Nov-2019 02:52203.1M
X-Static Goldmine - CD2.7z29-Nov-2019 02:54237.1M
X-Static Goldmine 1.7z29-Nov-2019 02:55228.6M
X-Static Goldmine 2.7z29-Nov-2019 02:56120.2M
X-Static Goldmine 3.7z29-Nov-2019 02:58124.1M
X-Static Goldmine 4.7z29-Nov-2019 03:01350.8M
X-Static Goldmine 5.7z29-Nov-2019 03:04243.2M
XLS Food - Bass Appetiser & Main.7z12-Jul-2021 14:57205.5M
XLS Food - The Appetizer Bass (Food Appetizer Bass).7z07-Apr-2021 07:18205.5M
Xsample VOL-1.7z06-Mar-2020 02:47106.1M
Xsample VOL-2.7z06-Mar-2020 02:49210.1M
Xsample VOL-3.7z06-Mar-2020 02:50224.4M
Xsample VOL-4.7z06-Mar-2020 02:51128.5M
Xsample VOL-5.7z06-Mar-2020 02:5286.2M
Xsample VOL-6.7z06-Mar-2020 02:54268.1M
Xsample VOL-7.7z06-Mar-2020 02:56180.1M
Xsample VOL-8.7z06-Mar-2020 02:57135.3M
Xsample VOL-9.7z06-Mar-2020 02:59218.4M
Yamaha - RX-7.7z19-Jun-2021 23:4714.4M
Yamaha - TG500.7z19-Jun-2021 23:4717.7M
Zero G - Harmonica.7z03-Mar-2020 19:32500.2M
Zero-G - Afrolatin Slam.7z11-Jul-2021 10:37287.3M
Zero-G - Ambient 1.7z29-Nov-2019 03:06314.0M
Zero-G - Ambient 2.7z29-Nov-2019 03:09375.2M
Zero-G - Ambient Soundware.7z21-Jun-2021 23:212.4G
Zero-G - Ambiosis.7z21-Jun-2021 23:24276.3M
Zero-G - Analog To Digital 1 & 2.7z21-Jun-2021 23:28461.7M
Zero-G - Beats Working in Cuba.7z11-Jul-2021 11:534.9G
Zero-G - Beneath The Planet of The Breaks.7z25-Jun-2021 05:06548.9M
Zero-G - Bonus Loops From ProPack.7z14-Jul-2021 07:56178.9M
Zero-G - CE07 Dream Zone.7z14-Jul-2021 07:57162.9M
Zero-G - Celtic.7z14-Jul-2021 08:02568.2M
Zero-G - Chemical Beats.7z11-Jul-2021 11:56375.3M
Zero-G - Classical Vocal.7z21-Jun-2021 23:33501.1M
Zero-G - Club Techno.7z21-Jun-2021 23:37350.2M
Zero-G - Cuckooland Ambience.7z11-Jul-2021 11:59235.8M
Zero-G - Cuckooland Asylum.7z19-Jan-2021 16:20161.8M
Zero-G - Cuckooland Unhinged.7z19-Jan-2021 16:27577.5M
Zero-G - Dance Synths Technotrance.7z14-Jul-2021 08:0369.0M
Zero-G - Dance Vocals.7z21-Jun-2021 23:38102.8M
Zero-G - Datafile 1.7z29-Nov-2019 03:10147.1M
Zero-G - Datafile 2.7z29-Nov-2019 03:12230.6M
Zero-G - Datafile 3.7z29-Nov-2019 03:15250.3M
Zero-G - Deep House.7z21-Jun-2021 23:41273.1M
Zero-G - Deepest India VOL-1.7z18-Jun-2021 22:32231.8M
Zero-G - Deepest India VOL-2.7z18-Jun-2021 22:35204.7M
Zero-G - Deepest India VOL-3.7z18-Jun-2021 22:38236.3M
Zero-G - Deepest India Vocal.7z07-Apr-2021 07:20231.8M
Zero-G - Distorted Dancefloors.7z21-Jun-2021 23:46656.9M
Zero-G - Downbeat Dance Grooves.7z21-Jun-2021 23:49258.1M
Zero-G - Ethnic Flavours.7z07-Apr-2021 07:21222.1M
Zero-G - Ethnic.7z17-Apr-2021 17:45222.1M
Zero-G - Flamenco Sounds.7z14-Jul-2021 08:04106.0M
Zero-G - Freak Beats.7z21-Jun-2021 23:52347.0M
Zero-G - Funk Guitar.7z07-Apr-2021 07:24281.9M
Zero-G - Funky Elements.7z14-Jul-2021 08:06173.5M
Zero-G - Future Wave.7z14-Jul-2021 08:12707.6M
Zero-G - Ghost In The Machine.7z21-Jun-2021 23:56442.6M
Zero-G - Guitar Odyssey.7z14-Jul-2021 08:14231.3M
Zero-G - Hardcore.7z21-Jun-2021 23:5741.5M
Zero-G - Haunted Ground.7z22-Jun-2021 00:05925.4M
Zero-G - Heavy Industry.7z14-Jul-2021 08:21807.1M
Zero-G - HipHop and Swing Breakdown.7z15-Jul-2021 06:5555.1M
Zero-G - Interface Dance.7z22-Jun-2021 00:09381.9M
Zero-G - Interface Guitar.7z15-Jul-2021 06:57236.7M
Zero-G - Jungle Frenzy 1.7z29-Nov-2019 03:16121.4M
Zero-G - Jungle Frenzy 2.7z29-Nov-2019 03:18160.5M
Zero-G - Jungle Warfare Complete.7z29-Nov-2019 03:25896.3M
Zero-G - Kocktail Kollection.7z12-Jul-2020 19:29996.2M
Zero-G - Legacy.7z15-Jul-2021 07:071.1G
Zero-G - Live Bass Grooves.7z25-Jun-2021 23:3042.2M
Zero-G - Malice In Wonderland.7z06-Mar-2020 03:20314.6M
Zero-G - Man Machine.7z06-Mar-2020 03:22218.8M
Zero-G - Middle Eastern Sounds.7z15-Jul-2021 07:13584.6M
Zero-G - Monster Beats.7z22-Jun-2021 00:18725.2M
Zero-G - Nordic Noir.7z15-Jul-2021 07:301.9G
Zero-G - Nu Disco.7z15-Jul-2021 07:451.7G
Zero-G - Nu Metal.7z15-Jul-2021 07:561.2G
Zero-G - Paradise Sessions.7z15-Jul-2021 08:081.4G
Zero-G - Percussion Grooves.7z25-Jun-2021 23:3148.5M
Zero-G - Phantom Horns.7z06-Mar-2020 03:24173.4M
Zero-G - Planet of The Breaks.7z29-Nov-2019 03:28473.2M
Zero-G - Pure Brazilian Beats.7z25-Jun-2021 23:33213.5M
Zero-G - Pure Hip Hop.7z25-Jun-2021 23:3488.9M
Zero-G - Pure Mayhem.7z25-Jun-2021 23:35213.2M
Zero-G - Pure R'n'B.7z25-Jun-2021 23:3648.2M
Zero-G - Pure Tabla.7z25-Jun-2021 23:38227.2M
Zero-G - Pure Trip Hop.7z25-Jun-2021 23:3959.2M
Zero-G - Reggae Connection.7z25-Jun-2021 23:4047.3M
Zero-G - Return To Planet of The Breaks.7z25-Jun-2021 23:4029.7M
Zero-G - Rhythm Guitar & FX.7z25-Jun-2021 23:4182.4M
Zero-G - Smoke.7z22-Jun-2021 00:1948.9M
Zero-G - Sound Sense Grime Scene.7z22-Jun-2021 00:22248.7M
Zero-G - Soundclash Nu Dance Electro.7z15-Jul-2021 08:17959.3M
Zero-G - Sounds of Polynesia.7z15-Jul-2021 08:20295.5M
Zero-G - Sounds of The 70s.7z11-Jul-2021 12:151,023.8M
Zero-G - Spices of India.7z25-Jun-2021 23:4176.7M
Zero-G - Synth Bass Loops.7z25-Jun-2021 23:4110.6M
Zero-G - Techno Prisoners.7z25-Jun-2021 23:4229.1M
Zero-G - Technomatik.7z15-Jul-2021 08:23367.9M
Zero-G - Total Bass Drums.7z15-Jul-2021 08:27434.4M
Zero-G - Total Drum Bass.7z22-Jun-2021 00:26386.1M
Zero-G - Total Funk.7z25-Jun-2021 23:46398.5M
Zero-G - Total Hi-Hats.7z15-Jul-2021 08:31464.7M
Zero-G - Total Hip Hop.7z25-Jun-2021 23:49346.0M
Zero-G - Total House.7z25-Jun-2021 23:53360.4M
Zero-G - Total Snare Drums.7z15-Jul-2021 08:35359.7M
Zero-G - Trance Formation.7z25-Jun-2021 23:534.7M
Zero-G - Twisted City.7z11-Jul-2021 12:19325.3M
Zero-G - Upfront Lead Guitar.7z25-Jun-2021 23:5330.5M
Zero-G - Velvet Vocal.7z22-Jun-2021 00:28210.8M
Zero-G - Vindaloops.7z22-Jun-2021 00:30244.7M
Zero-G - Vocal XTC.7z29-Nov-2019 03:30152.1M
Zero-G - WIRED The Elements of Trance.7z25-Jun-2021 23:57387.3M
Zero-G - Warp Static.7z15-Jul-2021 08:521.7G
Zero-G - World Class Breaks.7z25-Jun-2021 23:5757.5M
Zero-G - World Pack ACID B & Instruments.7z15-Jul-2021 09:00917.1M

information provided by original uploader after the takedown:
Please take your time to read all of this as it contains important information on DOs and DONTs when it comes to Mirror and Downloading any of the files from the Links provided!

If you are here I assume you either heard of or personally downloaded from CyberYoukai's Archive called 90's Sample CDs which unfortunately got removed not long ago. Luckly with the help of a few people we are trying to bring back many of the files from the aforementioned archive.

With the help of one of my friends I've managed to find out which company issued the DMCA and Removal of two of my Internet Archive Items.

whoops, cant show that one here

They specifically targeted the AKAI S-Series CD-ROM Sound Libraries and Ensoniq Digital Sound Factory ones, but it's safe to assume that anything that shows up on their website, discontinued or not, is at risk of DMCA. Therefore if you are going to post any of their files publically it is highly advised to change or obfuscate their names in whatever manner you may see fit.

NOTE: These are the Links I managed to gather so far, if there are any update, I will add more to this list.
Keep in mindll of these links can disappear at any minute, they will not be around forever!

MEGA - Provided by Me.
Contains all the Sample Packs I liked the most!


(CONTENTS: https://ghostbin.co/paste/nrhwy)

Google Drive - Provided by Me.
This contains the latest update I was about to post on my Archive, right before it got taken down!
Contains a bunch of ''Best Service'' packs.


(MIRROR: https://ghostbin.co/paste/b76v)

NNTY.FUN - Provided by ninturez0.
Contains many of the OG packs from the archive all in WAV uncompressed format.
I once again suggest you to use JDownloader to get all of these fairly quickly, link to the software here: https://jdownloader.org/


If you want to try to find, download and extract these samples yourself I just wrote a couple more pastebins with additional resources and info on the matter. Check these out!

Here are all the sites I used to find and nab all the Samples I put in my Archive.
You may want to use an AdBlocker before accessing any of these. I recommend uBlock origin Add-On for Chrome & Firefox!
You're also gonna need a solid BitTorrent Client, I suggest qBitTorrent: https://www.qbittorrent.org/

https://vintagemusicsamples.wordpress.com - They got most of the Classic ones, all in their OG format.
https://www.dogsonacid.com/ - If you ask nicely (or just lurk), you can find alot of stuff there.
https://audioz.download/ - You probably know this one, get ready to waste alot of time and pray no links are broken.
https://magesy.blog/ - Same as above really.
http://audio-museum.com/ - This is also a neat archive where you can find some fine stuff.
https://archive.org/details/@yananselmo - He uses many of the same sources I posted here, so if you are too lazy, check his profile!
http://vsthouse.ru/ - Many neat Torrents, gets a bit cranky if you search too much, and Captcha is Russian only. Just slow down & you'll be fine.
https://audiolove.me/ - I'm gonna be honest, I've never used this one!
https://plugintorrent.com/ - More neat Torrents over here.
https://musicmakers.ru/ - Probably used this once, but I can't remember.
https://sampleshome.com/ - Don't recall ever using this one either.
https://sample-master.ru/ - I don't understand this, some Links work but most don't. At least I got "E-Lab - XTC Files of Techno" from it!
https://theproducersbay.com/ - Nope, never used this one as well!
http://scenep2p.com/sample-sound - Never touched it, but may have some cool hidden gem.
https://vk.com - Russian version of FaceBook, there are pages posting VSTs and Sample Packs!
https://rutracker.org - Login required but it's worth it, lots of great Torrents. My latest batch of files comes from this site alone.
https://audioclub.in - Word of Caution, this is Paywalled. While I cannot guarantee for them now, back in 2019 or so, when I bought access to their download section, they had fair amount of stuff. Price was around 10 Dollars!

If you're trying to Download AKAI or Ensoniq stuff on your own and don't know how to open and extract any of that, it's because you're gonna need very specific tools! Gonna try my best to Share them and explain how they work. This may take a while!
NOTE: The Following Tools are all Windows Only. If you're a MAC/Linux user I'm afraid I can't be of much help.


From within the provided Google Drive Folder you will only require CDXTRACT and Chicken Systems Translator Pro. You will also gonna need these few more programs:

DAEMON Tools Lite -> https://www.daemon-tools.cc/eng/products/dtLite
Power ISO -> https://www.poweriso.com/
foobar2000 -> https://www.foobar2000.org/

Everything should be Virus Free last time I checked, but if you are paranoid, please put the provided files on here: https://www.virustotal.com
If you still don't trust them, then don't use 'em. For those who want to try and extract some files, here's how.

There are different file types and they all require a specific way to be extracted, at the end of this you'll learn why I archived everything in WAV format.
Let's start with the easier one, the AKAI files:

---> .iso

Simply open these with CDXTRACT, go to Virtual Drives on top, choose the .iso and click on Disc (right below the big square shaped Refresh button) and then select Convert Full Disc...
A huge dialog box will open, just select whatever format you prefer on top (I always used Mesa, as that gave me clean WAV files) then chose an output folder on the right-top and press Convert at the bottom.
Give it a couple of minutes and you are good to go!

---> .nrg

CDXTRACT is not gonna be able to see through .nrg archives, and because of this, you're gonna have to make use of DAEMON Tools Lite:
Open the program, go to images (on the left side) and drag-drop your .nrg file in there. Right click on it and press Mount.
From this point on, you open CDXTRACT and follow the instructions above, you'll be able to treat the .nrg file as it it was an .iso.

---> .bin + .cue

CDXTRACT is perfectly capable of opening .bin files, but keep in mind if that comes with a .cue file, it has to be in the same directory of that .bin file, otherwise it's not going to work! NOTE: In a fringe case I've come across a supposed AKAI .bin/.cue file that I wasn't able to open. Someone suggested to use foobar2000 and somehow, that worked. That's why I told you to download that program, hopefully this will make you avoid confusing head-scratching moments.

That's it for AKAI Stuff, let's move onto Roland files. Now, while I've managed to open some of it using CDXTRACT, their older stuff is simply off limits. You need their proprietary equipment to hope and extract some audio, I remember finding a website that went into more detail, on top of actually having the samples extracted, I believe it was this one:


Moving onto Ensoniq files, you'll have to use Chicken Systems Translator Pro now. This is a software I started using recently but I can already tell you with confidence that it's kinda trashy. It's unbelievably slow and a bit more unintuitive compared to CDXTRACT. Now then:

---> .iso

Open the program and go to: Tools -> Register Items -> Virtual Drives -> Single... and open your .iso File. It should appear in the tree menu on the left, under Ensoniq. Click on it, look at the screen on the right, select all of the items that appear in that window and click on the Translate button on top. A new window will open, just select WAV or any other format you want and click ok. Get ready to potentially wait for as longas 20-30 minutes, depending on the file, or if you're very unlucky.

---> .bin + .cue

I'll be honest I have no clue how to open these! Found several of these Ensoniq files in .bin/.cue but never managed to open them! Some guy on a forum said you should be able to extract those using an older version of KONTAKT or something like that, before v4.2 methinks. Here's the thread I found: https://audiosex.pro/threads/bin-and-cue-ensoniq-format.27128/
Good Luck!

Both of these programs are far from perfect and sometimes weird stuff can happen. here's a couple of things you may want to be careful of:

Sometimes while extracting your Samples this program might take an ungodly amount of time and basically lock up completely.
This happens whenever it encounters a broken sample with either their Left/Right channels missing or corrupted. If that happens use the Task Manager to kill the process. Depending on how bad the sample in question is, you can either attempt to salvage it through other software solutions, otherwise you're gonna have to ignore it. Happened to me a few times. Make sure to check your output folder if there are any of these errors, as CDXTRACT will render a huge 1Gb+ audio file worth of silence!!!

- Chicken Systems Translator Pro -
Haven't used this much like I said, but one time something weird happened. I went to open an Ensoniq .iso and the program listed the thing as an EMU File. I couldn't manage to render or convert the thing at all no matter what, so I just assumed it was either broken or a bug in Chicken Systems Translator

And that is all I know about this sort of stuff. Probably there are better tools and programs I am not even aware of. I'll leave everything else up to you now. Good luck everybody!
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    use either cdxtract (which Just Works (TM) but is pretty janky and ancient) or use awave studio (which works for 99% of formats though i've had it refuse to open 1 or 2 roland cds which cdxtract read just fine)
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