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Houston 2600 text files archive

Here's the text from one of these files just so you know the type of shit you're about to read:

(_)(_) How to fuck the Dead (_)(_)
(_)(_) By The Necrophiliac with thanks to The Blade (_)(_)
(_)(_) A Neon Knight Presentation (_)(_)
(_)(_) Call: (_)(_)
(_)(_) The Metal Ae.....PW:Kill..........................201-879-6668 (_)(_)
(_)(_) Metalland South...................................404-576-5166 (_)(_)
(_)(_) Milliways.........................................609-921-1994 (_)(_)
(_)(_) Look for the 105+ meg Neon Knight system comming soon in 201. (_)(_)
(_)(_) (_)(_)

How to fuck the dead... Follow these steps and you'll have know problem..

This part of the file tells why people fuck dead people....Ok..
For one if your girl friend doesn't fuck and you need head.. Fuck a freashly
dead bitch...It's still pussy no matter what way you look at it...

Ok Dudes and Dudetes:

1> 1st Your gonna need a shovel. So go to a freashly made grave then
start to dig about 7 to 8' (feet) underground

2> Now what your going to find is a cement lid..Well get a crowbar and
remove the son-of-a-bitch.. Now what you're gonna find is a closed coffin.

3> You have two options at this point. One Lift the coffin 8' above your
head on to

flat ground or two, open the coffin right then and there.

4> You might be a little chicken to look inside once you Do put on two
not one BUT TWO rubbers.

5> Undress the freashly buried bitch and Bang away. When done if your not
too tired do steps 4-1. When ever you want a free fuck follow these steps.

Part II " The Other Solution..."

1> Not many people have this privlige but if you do you have it made...
Do U work in a Morgue???? If so the dead girly bodies that come it.

2> Take one out of the r
efrigerator and make sure nobodys around in the
Building or Room..

3> Undress the bitch. Put on your TWO rubbers. Spread them legs and
Bang Away.. When done.. Re-Dress your partner and shove her back in the

Notes on the File above...
Ok, the reason for putting two rubbers on is that so the maggets won't chew
away at your dick, also if the dead bitch has any diseases you won't catch
them! Well Remember to Get Head from the Dead!
Look for dead girlies named Tanya! They give the best Head in Be

Also, dead fetuses are a real pleasure for all you little boys that have'nt
gone through puberty yet. Bringing dead fucks to a party really livens
the situation, when you get a really wasted bitch and prop her on the
guy's rigor mortis'ed dick, they go for that kinda shit.

Another benifit of fucking the dead is grave robbing. Back in achient times
sick fucks used to break into pharoh's tombs and rip off all the gold and
jewels. From past experiences, some people burry themselves with some
good shi
t, like gold chains, gold watches, diamond rings, pearls, and all
kinds of shit. So if you wanna have a good time, and get paid for it,



Thank you very much indeed:
The Blade, The Outland, Tanya, Killer Kurt, The Metallian, Satan, Lucifier,
Levitain, Belial, Zandar Zan, All the Neon Knights, and all the dead fuckers
i've fucked.

Written on July 1, 1986--(C) 1986 The Neon Knights--Al
l rights reserved-BURN!!
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