GiveSendGo Freedom Convoy 2022 Donation Info

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GiveSendGo Freedom Convoy 2022 Donation Info
Don't trust Christians to protect your personal information.


Donor information for every campaign on the 'Christian fundraising platform' GiveSendGo, best known for being used by far-right extremists like the Proud Boys. The site has allegedly also been used to fund and defend insurrectionists who were involved in the January 6 coup attempt, as well as those pushing claims of election fraud.

The dataset is broken down by campaign and includes name, donation amount, comments and email address.

Due to PII in the dataset and the inclusion of campaigns not involved in violence or extremism, the dataset is only being offered to journalists and researchers.
src: / (archive)

Here are the freedom trucker 2022 protest donations from as archived from before it was taken down. The christian donation website redirected to the latter url via XSS for at least a 30 minute period before deleting their index and eventually going into "maintenance mode". The data itself came from DDoSecrets.

GiveSendGo may be run by retards, but if you use this data to dox people, you belong in hell with your roastie sisters, you mudshark, faggot, abominations.

Date: February 2022
Users: 103,449
Formats: CSV
src: / (archive)
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