BeOS - the ultimate collection 2020-12-22

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BeOS - the ultimate collection 2020-12-22
"The source code isn't even used for any commercial products currently, as far as I know. It's silly keeping it locked up, and collecting dust."

Magnet link:

Magnet link - BeOS Dano src:


All the archives in this torrent are compressed using 7zip. You can extract them
using 'p7zip', which is included (and conveniently not compressed using 7zip).

You have the partial source code for BeOS R5.1 (Dano / unreleased) in:


I just wish that whatever company currently owns the BeOS source code would
release in under an open source license (preferably GPL), so it could be used,
updated and maintained by the community. The source code isn't even used for any
commercial products currently, as far as I know. It's silly keeping it locked
up, and collecting dust. It would make lots of people very happy if the code
was released. Especially the Haiku folks would appreciate it, I'm sure.

You have tons of install images for BeOS and ZETA in: iso
There's lots of interesting documentation in: docs
There are some cool videos in: media
You have updates for BeOS and ZETA in: updates
There are boot floppy images in: boot.tar

The apps and games directories were put in a TAR file ('apps_and_games.tar'),
since the number of files was too great and caused problems for me when trying
to upload the torrent, as well as hashing it in my torrent client.

Many of the install images have multiple tracks, and if you want you can extract
the boot image, by separating the tracks with 'bchunk'.

Other than that, you have lots of interesting BeOS software in this collection,
including source code. The files in the collection come from multiple sources,
and that's why the directory structure is a bit of a mess. It's up to someone
else to merge the various directories, as I've focused on other things.

About 'apps_and_games.tar'...

I think it might be a good idea to merge the directories into categories, but
that's difficult to do automatically. It needs human discernment. There are
thousands of archives in this collection.

I've gotten rid of duplicate archives, and duplicate files in general. I also
repaired corrupted archives where possible, and removed the ones that couldn't
be repaired. The archives were originally not in 7zip format, but I converted
them all to 7zip since that's more convenient than using lots of different
formats. 7zip has the best compression ratio out of them all, so it makes sense
to use that exclusively. Some archive formats were really obscure and ancient.
I think converting those especially was a good idea since 7zip is such a popular
compression format, is open source, and hence will be compatible with most
operating systems for a long time to come.

I found some StuffIt ('.sit' / '.sea') archives that I was unable to extract.
You can find them in: sit_backup.tar

When it comes to the install images, I used 'binmerge', to merge discs that had
multiple image files into just one BIN / CUE file. I also converted some image
files that were saved in garbage proprietary formats to BIN / CUE. If you for
some reason want to split the BIN files into separate tracks again, you can do
so using 'bchunk'.

The goal with this collection was to merge all the other collections I found
into one, so people only have to get one torrent if they're interested in BeOS.
This is an effort to preserve these files, since they're slowly disappearing
from the Internet.

There might be more things to add to the collection still, and if I find more
interesting stuff I will upload an updated version of this torrent.


PS: Please seed so others can access this collection! This torrent lives and
dies with you, the community.

I put a lot of work into this collection, even though it might not look like it
at first glance. People can use this collection as a very solid starting point,
and add to it if they are able and want to.

If you want to discuss, or comment on, this collection, I'm keeping an eye out
on 4chan (/g/) and Reddit. I'm specifically interested in knowing how complete
the Dano source code leak ('dano-src.7z') is. Was ZETA based on that leak, or
did they get the source code through more official means? I'm also generally
interested in the history of BeOS, and related systems like ZETA and Haiku.

Some BeOS links:

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