2022 "Freedom Convoy" Protest Archive

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2022 "Freedom Convoy" Protest Archive
Just over 3TB of livestreams and other media from the 2022 "Freedom Convoy" protests.


This archive contains over 2 terabytes of archived Youtube videos and livestreams, mostly from non-mainstream media sources who were on the ground filming the protests from their point of view. It also contains just under 700GB of exported data from Telegram group chats and channels dedicated to the protests.

The Youtube portion of the archive was created with yt-dlp, meaning all video metadata, including live chat replays, are available. Telegram channels were exported with all settings enabled, file size limits maxed out, and in HTML format for easy viewing.

History has been proven yet again unsafe in the hands of social media companies, as a significant portion of these archived livestreams are now no longer available on Youtube.

Due to the size of this dataset, direct downloads are only available upon request, and with a good reason.
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