Today I've been to an ophthalmology clinic and they prescribed me glasses. And that really pissed me off because I could see well enough without glasses. "Well enough" meaning, I can read small text on billboards and see someone running towards me from 50 meters. The doctor admitted that I did well on the eye test and told me I'm too old for my eyes to recover and if I do not wear the glasses my vision will worsen. She also gave me some eye drops so she can look into my eye (and tell me it's perfectly well) which made my vision really blurry and it was painful to get home. I believe this is all a scam. Here's why:
1. Humans evolved from primates and I do not know how much our eyes evolved compared to chimpanzees but you never see a chimpanzee with glasses. So why do we need them? We are more evolved and we have discovered a way to have better eyesight? Okay, but why should it be shoved down my throat with stuff like "your eyesight will worsen if you don't wear glasses" and "I know a lady who didn't wear glasses and her eyesight has become so bad that no glasses can fix it".
2. This is all a scheme to make me buy more glasses and eye stuff, to give them money. Those drops they gave me could be a secret substance which will stay into my eye and damage my eyesight slowly. It's too late now...
A lot of these conspiracies which say the government wants to harm us in subtle ways can be ended with one question: "What's the point?". With the COVID vaccine I've heard some say that the vaccine is a chemical castration because we are too many on the Earth. I don't think that makes much sense. However, what does make sense is for them to harm us in way more subtle ways, for example with glasses.
They do not want me to reach their level, and they know I can. They will hide ways to make you dumber with the reasoning of "you are ill, take the pills". Be aware, pay attention, have fun.
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