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A short guide on social engineering

As Kevin David Mitnick used to say, the key to cracking a password does not have to be a bug or a hole in the operating system, but the design flaw in the human psyche itself, i.e. its weaknesses. In this modest tutorial, I would like to introduce you to the meanders of the psychology of persuasion. The psychology of persuasion, i.e. the ability to influence human behavior through words, gestures or the creation of a manipulated situation, can work wonders.
Here I will try to provide you with the basics of the operation of human emotions that you can use as attributes in inducing emotional states in people that affect the decisions made, thanks to which you will find it easier to get relevant information from the person sitting on the other side of the monitor and to unconsciously evoke some interactions.

Many people, regardless of gender, ask themselves the same question, what is the difference between a woman and a man ...

Besides the difference being visible in the step, there is another fundamental difference in their minds. Men are more focused on their ego and women on their feelings (although it happens that men rely heavily on feelings, I am a great example of this myself🤣). But what is all ego?
Nothing but the structure of the human personality. If a guy plays football well and his life partner starts to compliment him on his achievements in this field, she will make him feel an accepted "real man". However, if a woman criticizes him, he will feel offended by it. The reverse is true for women. A woman can be told outright that she is not fit for this or that and will wave her hand at it (or she will get a little upset but such a state will not last long and will start to ignore it). If we say the same thing to a guy it can break this pride which is an integral part of his personality structure (ego). Having this basic knowledge, you already know whether you should start a conversation with a potential victim from the emotional side or not.
Feelings connect people in pairs, they are a bit like an anchor that is pinned in the human soul and connected with a long steel rope with another "soul". The thicker this rope is, the stronger the feelings are and the more we can afford towards the opposite or even the same sex. In order to extract any information, you must remember that a woman has a much stronger influence on a man's behavior than a male relationship. A similar situation happens in a female relationship, which is also much weaker in terms of feelings. This is because people of the same sex in nature are potential competitors who have to fight for the recognition of the opposite sex because this will ensure the chances of preserving offspring (survival).
With this knowledge in mind, you should quickly figure out that on the other side of the monitor you have to pretend to be the opposite sex then you have the best chance of influencing his mind and behavior.

A few words about the human subconscious - That is how often you fly on autopilot🙂

Besides the fact that you most likely guess that you have such a thing as the awareness of being here and now, know that your awareness is somewhat limited, why?
Until you read this, "your buttocks just realized that they are sitting in a chair" You didn't have this awareness all the time before. Why did this happen? Because your awareness was focused on reading this article. In order for you to understand the meaning of awareness even better, I will tell you that your tongue in your mouth is very uncomfortably positioned between your teeth and you will feel it and find out about it just because I wrote it.
You see it works ..
However, the purpose of the guide is not to understand in detail the actions of consciousness or subconsciousness, but its most important foundations.
So what is the subconscious is everything that you cannot realize at the moment (because in many moments you allow yourself to work on autopilot (i.e. without reflecting the world), it also allows you to unburden your mind and focus on other things).
The human mind with the help of 5 senses intercepts only 2% of the information that reaches it, the remaining 98% are invisible to you (Because the information coming from the senses is filtered and categorized by your brain and it selectively decides which of them will reach you and which will not. Otherwise, you would go crazy with an excess of stimuli. This mechanism does not fully benefit us because it causes many important things to escape our attention).

To argue this even more, let me quote a fragment of Maria Konnikov's book "Think Like Sherlock Holmes" (which I recommend sincerely because it describes some of the issues discussed here nicely):

"This question was asked by Holmes Watson in The Bohemian Scandal, and it stayed in my head forever. Here they are both sitting in their armchairs and the detective explains to the doctor what the difference is between watching and observing. like Sun
"When you explain your reasoning to me, it always seems so ridiculously simple to me that I could easily do it myself. But every time I'm in a spot until you explain everything, even though my eyesight is no worse than yours.
"Indeed," answered Holmes, lighting a cigarette and sinking into his chair.
- The difference is that you look but cannot see. Here is an example. Have you often looked at the stairs that lead from the corridor to this room?
- Yes.
- How many times?
- Hundreds.
- How many degrees are they?
- I have no idea, I did not pay attention.
- That's it! You looked at them but did not see them. This is what I'm talking about. And I know that there are seventeen of these grades, because I have not only looked at them, but have also seen them ".

And this is a perfect example of how our subconscious works and how many things escape us due to a lack of reflection ...
What might be subconscious? For example, your instinctive behavior. Imagine that 3 years ago someone beat you up in the street and only because you were afraid of this situation pushed this information back into your subconscious mind.
If your abuser had a red jacket, subconsciously, you may become afraid of all people who have a jacket in this color and you do not even realize it (so-called secret prejudices). Although in fact it does not have to be so, but as he said, the goal of this tutor is not to tease what the subconscious is, it will not break it down into its prime factors. You just need to know that there is such a thing and you can intercept this information from another person.
It is not the world that is bad, but the opinion of this world is inappropriate. If someone cries because he is materially poor. He is actually crying for another reason (the subconscious one)
You can buy something for money, e.g. a car. If we have a man with low self-esteem and he has to compensate himself with a car for which he has no money, he complains about the lack of a car.
However, this is actually a delusion, he is actually complaining about a lack of love from a psychological point of view. Why the lack of love? Imagine that this car in his mind was something that impresses a woman because someone once persuaded him that the woman was going for a good ride. So, in fact, he has a complex and a problem with male-female contacts, that's why he has a growing need to impress a woman with a car (because he thinks so), but it is his delusion.
This example was to make you realize that people speak their own language of needs that they do not really fully understand, in other words, you know that every sentence you say can have the other (hidden) bottom.

You will need this knowledge in extracting information.

Behavior triggers:

The strongest triggers of behavior in human nature are extreme emotions such as excitement or curiosity as well as strong fear.
Combining these emotions with your natural sexual instincts can work wonders.
Already young male children at the age of 4 show a strong interest in the opposite sex.
What can trigger such emotions?
Something called imagination, when described to the victim of his appearance, may lead in his mind to a state in which he will imagine the most beautiful woman in the world, because the imagination works wishfully. Because if it were not so and he would imagine an ugly one, he would most likely end the conversation at once. Until the last moment, the victim will want to see the most beautiful model in the world, who allegedly became interested in him.

Practice of operation:

Now I would like to show you how you can send a victim a keylogger bound to a picture, for example.

Summing up, impersonate a woman who will seem nice and provide as many details as possible of the ideal of the average gender. According to the research, a statistical man imagines an ideal partner in the following way:

- Equal body proportions
- Not too big, not too small breasts
- Captivating look
- Self-respecting
- Shorter than a male (potential partner)
- With a nice smile
- Long hair
- Long legs
- "Good" disposition (this can be defined in many ways, but in general it can be reduced to being good🤣)

From the technical side (to put it simply, without going into technical details):

- Find on the Internet a photo of a beautiful girl, preferably amateur, so that it does not arouse suspicion(ehhh e-slutty🤣)
- Bind the photo file e.g. with keylogging or backdoor
- Wait patiently for the results of your work

Another example - Extracting password for an email:

Even without IT skills, you can hack someone's e-mail without any problems.
On most decent internet portals where you can set up a free mailbox, we can find the "remind password" option
After clicking on the link, we usually receive information that the condition for obtaining the password is to answer the question that was usually invented by the author registering the e-mail account.
For example "what is my favorite dish?"
The essence of the problem is that the question can really be of different shades and categories.
For example, what is my boyfriend's name? - By trial and error, you can even shoot all the most popular names and we have a chance to hit.
The real problem arises when the question is really very private (then some reconnaissance and OSINT on our target may be necessary).
For example, what company does my dad work for. Then we have a problem, but the problem is the solution that lies in human weakness.
Now we will practically learn to interact with the unconscious but triggered elements in the other person behind the monitor:

1. The first stage is to present yourself well, i.e.
- Credibility and authenticity, e.g. "fake facebook account" which has a number of fake friends
- Remember to create some factors linking you with the victim, e.g. the same city, the same school, it stimulates the drive of interest
2- Telling the victim that we've probably seen each other somewhere to arouse interest in the victim (at the beginning of the conversation)
3. To gain trust, a sign of trust is interest (i.e. if the person wants to talk to you and wind up the conversation himself)
4. We have to influence the subconscious
What does it mean and how to do it? First of all, you must know that by asking directly "What company does your dad work for" you risk a lot that the victim will guess what is going on.
You have to start transforming content constructions so that it cannot become aware of it for immediate purposes, e.g.

Sample dialogue:

- (YOU) You know, my dad recently broke his leg on the job, he has hard physical work
- (Sacrifice) Oh, I feel very sorry for your dad
- (YOU) Your dad probably has a light job, my dad did not want to feel it for his own🤭
- (Victim) No, my dad works hard too
- (YOU) And where maybe mine also works there?
- (Victim) And in one such fish company.
At this point we have to pause for a moment, why?
Now that we have information that this is a fish company. We have to consider whether such companies in Poland are not some kind of monopoly, maybe there are only 4 such companies? So we'll have a chance to catch them.
Enter google, enter the password Fish companies and search for all available, then by trial and error, enter into the "Remind password" field on the portal where the e-mail was set up
What to do if it turns out that it is not a monopoly and we do not google its name? Then we keep the conversation transforming into a different situation
- (Victim) And in one such fish company.
- Oh, my dad in the smithy but chiwla ... I think I have an aunt who works in a fish company, but I don't remember the name, maybe he knows your dad? But I don't remember the name of this company, give me the name of the one your dad works for, I will ask my aunts if it's the same.

At this point, the victim will certainly not realize that it is about recalling the password to the box, because the victim's curiosity is growing about the conclusions of the family ties or the relationship between her father and her imaginary aunt.

- (Victim) Dad says this company is called FreshFish
- (YOU) Sorry aunt, something is not responding, I think she is not on Messenger now, I'll ask later.

We type FreshFish and it turns out that the victim's password or a field to enter a new password is working.
If you show a password (old password), as a curiosity you need to know that 70% of people use the same password for everything, e.g. to e-mail, facebook, etc. Women do it especially because their knowledge about IT is usually lower because IT is not woman of interest. Because statistically they are not very close minds, in other words they are humanists.
It's a bit like a child who played a lot of war games and wanted to become a soldier, and suddenly it is unexpected that there may be a face on the battlefield and the second life is gone. It is the same with women who use the Internet without knowing the rules of safety.


Remember to extract as much information as possible about your victim so that they can be manipulated more easily. People provide a lot of information about themselves on social networks, reading their entries is sometimes better than a police record. Sometimes they leave some traces on google from which you can also get information.
Also remember to try to gently compliment male victims after receiving information about his interests and stroking female feelings by saying nice words to them.her appearance or character.
This increases the sense of connection and makes people more receptive to suggestions. Also pay attention to the words spoken, people usually sometimes betray their desires, keep fueling those desires and give the impression that you can fulfill them. For example, if a woman says she would like to have children because she loves children. Then nod to her and say that you would like to have too much because they are loved. You will definitely catch a big plus in a woman because of the sensitivity they are looking for in a man and they will be willing to reveal more information to you. If the victim knows you in the real world and you have posted with them many times on Facebook, remember to change your writing style. If you have made spelling mistakes, try not to do so. If you wrote each sentence with a capital letter, start with lowercase. If you've put emoticons in every sentence, stop doing it. This will eliminate the risk of a mishap.

About author
Say something about yourself... hmmm... a freelancer, internet citizen, a guy who likes to sit and look at things he shouldn't be looking at. The deeper the rabbit hole, the more to explore:D

Interests: Computer forensics, OSINT and other reconnaissance methods, wireless network security, OPSEC and anonymization of operations, APT (Advanced Persistent Threats), Social engineering, amateur researcher and pro-bono advising on security issues, intrusion analysis and security incidents, forensics, implementation of effective security policies in the company.

You say enigma? ... I don't mind ...


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