Stubborn Roland sample CDs (with AWave, etc)

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Stubborn Roland sample CDs (with AWave, etc)


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Apr 4, 2022
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A few of the CDs found in the downloads section (and elsewhere) are particularly stubborn when it comes to exploring them

L-CDP-12 Solo Brass: Awave gives out a "Bad cluster number" error for a single waveform - found elsewhere but annoying. CDXtract works fine (but AWave is infinitely better)

LA Composer vol. 3 is almost completely broken: AWave doesn't detect it as a Roland S-7xx CD and neither does the official Fantom-X converter. CDXtract can open it but it doesn't recognize it as a Roland CD either and the file/folder structure looks (?) broken. I've tried 3 different sources and they all lead to the same results. A partial workaround is to export everything in .gig format and re-import it with AWave (but most brass samples have a very annoying hiss, probably since you can't manually select the de-emphasis filter in CDXtract if it doesn't recognize the CD as a Roland one)

Edit: Chickensys detects it as an EMU disk. Of course it's as useless as ever.
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