Need to find the source for the piano(s) from Yamaha's PLG-150-PF

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Need to find the source for the piano(s) from Yamaha's PLG-150-PF


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Apr 4, 2022
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For their PLG-150-AP card Yamaha are very upfront about sampling one of their CF III pianos. On the other hand, there's little to no info about the PF card and I really, really need to know what piano they sampled and even more importantly if the same pianos (better yet, the same samples) are available on any other Yamaha synth, be it a Motif or what have you.

Videos attached below.

Every Yamaha keyboard that supports general midi I've ever used built between the late 90s to now uses this exact piano sample (from my ears). It should be avaible on any old PSR series keyboard with general midi support(psr-160\280 are super common school keyboards). You can find them in thrift stores for a couple bucks and yull even get the music teacher attractor mode
I don't have a PSR anymore but I think I have the sample on the GM mode of one of my Yamaha sound cards if you wanted it sampled. Or I'd bet someone has done a ROM dump of those workhorse keyboards online lmao
Here's the best example I could find so far

This piano sample is actually pretty nostalgic for me so I'm glad ya brought this up. I remember some of the newer psrs in school with pressure sensitivity used the same sound but had really realistic soft and hard tones.
It seems like the PLG can change the way the piano sounds on the fly but the PSR just has presets like PIANO 1, HONKEYTONK etc. I think you could change reverb and chorus in the settings on them though.
Technically, yes, it's that one. What I'd like to know however is which piano they actually sampled in those recordings and if those same exact samples (PSRs probably use older, lower-quality ones) are found elsewhere in the Motif+

That'd save me from buying the actual card - much like the Ultimate Piano Collection saves me from buying an S90 ES - for now.

Though I gotta say, I love how Yamaha always gave you their best sounds even on low/entry-level products.
Unlike Roland.
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