A friendly reminder...
...that we are not a "hacking" website.

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A friendly reminder...
...that we are not a "hacking" website.

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This website is mainly focused on the archival and discussion of obscure media, content, and Internet communities. Some people join, and get the wrong idea when they see the content in the data leaks section, and start posting content that does not belong here, so let me make myself clear:

Committing credit card fraud on the Internet is bad and you shouldn't do it. Committing identity theft on the Internet is bad and you shouldn't do it. I will not assist you with these activities in any way, because I don't want my door kicked down, and neither do you. Do not post this type of content here. Seriously, I made a whole thread making fun of people like this. Figure it out.

>inb4 you're a hypocrite because if you allow other leaks you should allow carding and fraud

The vast majority of the content in the leaks section is old, widely available, and already catalogued and publicly accessible on websites like DeHashed. Zero additional harm is caused by posting links to old dumps here. However, reposting actual, freshly leaked credit card numbers from other private "hacking" forums here, is indeed harmful.

Posting or asking for leaked CC/DCs, SSNs, or other fraudulent activity will be met with a ban.
...that we are not a "hacking" website.
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