Whisper: Archive of Whispers since 2012 to 2017

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Whisper is a platform where people would share their secrets to the entirety of the world.

The website slowly became a sad buzzfeed-wannabe.

(the app did something but i don't care about that)

All those "secrets" have to be lost to the test of time now, right?

The Guardian disagrees: They allege that all of it is kept in their database.

But was it true?

Yes! The content is available on their site as XML. (https://whisper.sh/sitemaps/sitemaps/whisper/YYYY-MM-DD_n)

It's funny to think that I found it while searching for other things on Google; one of the files just came up out of nowhere. (an open secret lol)

The files are split around 11MB and starts from April 26, 2012 to November 27, 2017.

Total size is 49906 MB (just about 50GB), but was compressed to only 7.4 GB.

Plain text/xml, NO IMAGES (URLs to the images are available for each secret, however).

Geo-locations are included, if available for that secret.

The pass (for archive and link) is 'now listen to me young man i am talking directly into your ear now.' PASTE IT VERBATIM!

You can expand the files yourself to make it easier to grep through all of the "fun" things people have said via an easy linux command:

find . -name "*.xml" -type f -exec xmllint --output '{}' --format '{}' \;

What secrets will you find? Hopefully none that are disturbing and/or cringe-y... :)

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