Warez Scene Collection - Ongoing Keygen and NFO Collection

💠  📦 misc. 🚧 WIP Warez Scene Collection - Ongoing Keygen and NFO Collection 2022-04-20

This file is hosted off-site and may not be available now, or in the near/far future.

Happy 4/20, all!

This is a work in progress collection that I have started. It aims to collect and archive every keygen I come across so that by the end, there's a very extensive collection.

Currently, the collection primarily consists of R2R keygens for audio software (plugins, DAWs). This is primarily because most things I download are music production related. It also has a fuck ton of NFOs that I have retrieved from various archive.org posts and packaged together. All original uploaders of these resources are credited in the "credits" folder. I plan to branch it out further and further, and archive keygens found in old torrents of Adobe products, old miscellaneous software, etc.

Please bare in mind that this is an effort to archive *KEYGENS*, not full torrents of copy-written material. While I personally don't give a shit what you do, I cannot legally endorse using the provided software for anything illegal. This is for historical, educational and archival purposes only. If you want to actually use these keygens, you'll need to torrent things yourself.

That being said, have fun exploring the wonderful world that is (for the time) primarily R2R keygens for audio software, and NFOs!
I will update this post every so often with new details.

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