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Today I have for you the full version of the program for Advanced Link Analysis, Data Visualization, Social Network Analysis (SNA), and Geospatial Mapping which is called Sentinel Visualizer. The program itself is not strongly popular, but its capabilities are appreciated by many government agencies as well as data analysis professionals. Characteristics of this program on the manufacturer's website read like this:

... Empowering the demanding needs of intelligence analysts, law enforcement, investigators, researchers, and information workers, Sentinel Visualizer is the next generation data visualization and analysis solution for your big data.
With cutting edge features and best-of-breed usability, Sentinel Visualizer provides you with insight into patterns and trends hidden in your data. Its database driven, data visualization platform lets you quickly see multi-level links among entities and model different relationship types. Advanced drawing and redrawing features generate optimized views to highlight the most important entities.
Social Network Analysis (SNA) metrics reveal the most interesting suspects in complex webs. With advanced filtering, squelching, weighted relationship types, shortest path analysis, timelines, and integrated geospatial features, Sentinel Visualizer helps you maximize the value of your data ...

... Turn rows and columns into visual data revealing multi-level hierarchical relationships and hidden links among people, places and events.

With Microsoft SQL Server, Sentinel Visualizer supports millions of entity and relationship records. Send all your data to the diagram or use search features like the Dataset Builder and Advanced Dataset Builder to select a subset of data for your link chart. Pick entities and relationships by their specific characteristics and links to each other ...

The archive contains both an activator and a user's guide, thanks to which we are able to quickly get acquainted with the capabilities of this powerful program.

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