Linken Sphere Anti-Detection Browser v6.7 Full

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Tenebris (Crack creator: Infina)
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Nov 1, 2023
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Today I come to you with an anti-fingerprinting program that probably needs no introduction to anyone. In addition to the standard set of features for all competing solutions (resolution replacement, User-Agent, time zone, plugin language, fonts or Flash support), the tool additionally provides the ability to:

- disable data storage for the most popular technologies introduced by HTML5, such as Local storage or IndexDB,
- disable or spoof the most popular fingerprint types (Audio, Canvas, as well as the relatively new ClientRects);
The developers also boast of implementing their own WebGL engine allowing them to freely generate values related to this technology,
- spoofing of WebRTC results (it is possible to disable this mechanism completely),
- screen resolution emulation involving real adaptation of the window to the selected resolution, rather than just spoofing the values in the API; this feature also protects a distracted user from selecting the wrong resolution for a given device (e.g. 4k in the case of a smartphone),
- touch emulation while programmatically disabling the ability to report mouse movement or touchpad presses,
- gyroscope emulation

- pretend manual text entry if pasted, setting your own DNS server, spoofing geolocation data reported by the browser, moreover, the authors have integrated for this purpose... the software used by most anti-fraud companies, namely Maxmind Geoip DB (,
- generate unique canvas fingerprints by changing the color profile on the device,
- disabling Cyrillic writing on the site (as if some carde... user's hand had slipped with the proxy set from the US),
- automatic collection of cookies from a list of predefined pages (warmer),
- automation of tasks performed on a selected page; this feature can be useful for automating registration, pharming or faking human behavior before performing the actual action, such as payment with a stolen card. This function can generate actions such as mouse movements, scrolling, waiting or clicking on selected links.

Additional mirror as usual in the description.


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