Points and how to earn them

how 💠 points 🏅 are made
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About points:

comfy box has a currency system! You can earn points by submitting content, customizing your profile, interacting with other users' content, and more! Points can be used to purchase access to additional site features and cosmetic items to decorate your profile and content! You can trade and gift items to other users, and even take a chance to steal points from other users, at risk of losing some of your own! The users of comfy box and its administration are proud supporters of the fair redistribution of wealth.

The currency system we use is basically the same shit that pay-to-win Minecraft server admins use to scam money out of children, but now its in the hands of someone who doesn't give a shit, so its actually fun.

How to earn coins💠

RegistrationRegistering an account.💠 250 - 350 coinsOnly triggers once.
Daily loginLog in once every 24 hours.💠 50 - 150 coinsTriggers once every 24 hours.
Upload AvatarUploading an avatar.💠 250 coinsOnly triggers once.
PaycheckEarn coins weekly by doing nothing.💠 75 - 175 for users, 500 - 600 for donatorsTriggers weekly. Must sign in once per week.
TrophyEarn any trophy.💠 200 coins
Post a threadPost a thread in any forum.💠 50 - 100 coinsMaximum 10 per day.
Post a replyReply to any thread.💠 20 - 50 coinsMaximum 25 per day.
Profile postPost on your own, or another users profile.💠 30 - 60 coinsMaximum 15 per day.
Profile viewSomeone viewed your profile.💠 1 coin10 views per 15 minutes.
archive box UploadSubmit content to the downloads section.💠 250 - 500 coins
archive box DownloadSomeone downloaded your content.💠 50 - 100 coinsThis is the "get rich quick" method.
archive box ReviewLeave a rating on a download item.💠 60 - 120 coinsMaximum 10 per day.
Media Gallery uploadPost content to the Media gallery.💠 100 - 200 coinsMaximum 10 per day.
FollowedSomeone followed you.💠 50 - 100 coins
FollowFollow another user.💠 5 - 15 coinsMaximum 10 per day.
Positive reactionSomeone liked or positively reacted to your content.💠 15 - 35 coins
Negative reactionSomeone disliked or negatively reacted to your content.-💠 5 - 15 coins
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