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I decided to write a small guide on creating effective and personalized dictionaries for cracking passwords based on data from "white intelligence" and knowledge about human nature (called social engineering;)) I think that creating dictionaries is crucial for the effectiveness of password...
In this guide, I decided to describe a way to control users in WiFi networks (and not only) using a script with the graceful name Evillimiter. The very operation of this program is not complicated, so I will not dwell here long. On a simple example I will present the use of this program and...
As Kevin David Mitnick used to say, the key to cracking a password does not have to be a bug or a hole in the operating system, but the design flaw in the human psyche itself, i.e. its weaknesses. In this modest tutorial, I would like to introduce you to the meanders of the psychology of...
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BBS or another internet forgotten by the worldā€¦ Hello everyone. This is my first blog, so I hope you enjoy it. I tried with all my strength to describe the given issue as accurately as possible and bring the topic of BBS as close as possible. however, if I made a mistake somewhere, I missed...
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