Info & rules for ~ archive box ~
You should read this before submitting files here.

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Info & rules for ~ archive box ~
You should read this before submitting files here.

welcome to archive box!
A cool place for you to discover and share digital artifacts
~ archive box ~ aims to be a high quality index of interesting digital materials, for those who are hopelessly curious and can't get enough of the Internet and its vast sea of data. The objective is to encourage people to dig deeper, explore, and learn about not just the Internet, but all of our shared culture, history, and knowledge. We strongly prioritize the accessibility of information and freedom of speech and expression.

Anyone who registers an account can submit files here! All submissions must be approved before they are visible to the public. Almost anything is allowed, however we tend to focus on material that is rare, obscure, or controversial. Take a look around and discover something new!

Examples include:
  • 200 GB of books intended to support long-term survival in a post-collapse scenario where the vast majority of modern infrastructure is unusable​
  • A 141 GB archive containing what remains of a dead Korean rhythm game MMO and over a decade of community effort​
  • An SQLite DB that contains 1161 versions of the Holy Bible​
  • Over 500 GB of old sample libraries that have significantly influenced nearly all music released since the 90s (you have heard these sounds before)​
  • A drug-fueled "homegrown stunt" film featuring plenty of footage of young adult men hurting themselves for fun​
  • A whole bunch of siterips (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)​
  • Numerous archives related to politics and current events (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4)​
  • Archives of data leaks (examples: 1, 2, 3)​
  • Fuck it, how about the metadata from 32 million TikTok videos?​
  • We do mass shooters too, why not?​
the Rules
breaking them is Bad and will make me very sad >:(
  1. Go exploring! Take a look around and see what others have posted here. Better yet, go find something interesting on your own! The whole world is at your fingertips.
  2. Do not share blatantly obvious pirated content, such as movies or TV shows. This is not just some random piracy website. I will not be happy with you if you try to submit "Avengers.Endgame.2019.1080p.BluRay.x265" and then get mad when I don't approve it.
  3. Include as much information as you can about what you are posting.
    • Put some effort into your posts! If it's interesting enough for you to share, it's probably also interesting for you to talk about.​
    • Keep information quality as high as you can, use web archivers, and include links to original sources as much as possible!​
    • Help out others, and provide instructions or guides to use whatever you are submitting.
  4. Report broken links! I obviously can't enforce this, but it makes my life easier. If you stumble across a broken link here, let me know, or even better, find an alternative source that is active! Submissions will be marked as "dead" if no alternative sources are available.
  5. Do not use "hide" BBcodes in archive box submissions. I added those to the website because I thought it was funny. We are about sharing here, not about putting shit behind walls. Please don't make people "like" or reply just to see content in your post.
  6. Tag your shit properly. Use the filesize and category tags appropriately. They are self explanatory. For the ones that aren't, here you go:

    This tag: šŸ’  means that the files are hosted on the comfy box file server. You should almost never use this, unless you've got in touch and I am hosting the files of your submission on OR the file is small enough to upload to the site directly.
    This tag: šŸ’  means that the files are hosted off-site on a third party service. Use this if you are linking to a torrent or cloud file storage.
    This tag: āœØ means that the author of the post considers the material to be rare, or hard to find.
  7. Please do not upload large files as attachments directly to the site. I have limited resources. Please do not abuse attachments (via split archives or similar) to get around the 100 MB upload limit. If you absolutely cannot find a way to share your files yourself, get in touch. If your submission is interesting enough (or i'm in a good mood), I may be willing to take care of it for you.

  8. Use metadata fields appropriately. When making a submission, there are various fields for you to input metadata regarding the material you submit. This metadata is very useful for tracking down and verifying the original sources of the data you are submitting to archive box. Please do not fuck this up! In general, if you are unsure about a field, you should make this known in your post, or leave a field blank if you do not know what to put there.


    Detailed explanations of each field:
    • Author - The individual, group, or organization that originally created the material you are submitting.
    • Curator / Uploader - If you are submitting an archive, dataset, collection, etc. Include the original curators and/or uploaders of the data.
    • Publication date - The date on which the material was released or published.
    • File size - The total size of the material. Including both compressed and uncompressed sizes (if applicable) is very helpful.
    • Source - The original source of the material. This should be one or more links. Links to archived webpages are acceptable.
    • Download type - The means by which the material is distributed. You can specify more than one option.
      • Cloud storage - Google Drive, MEGA, Dropbox, OneDrive, you get the point. Cloud storage is very unreliable, and you should consider distributing data via a more resilient method, like a torrent.
      • Direct link - A direct link to a file hosted on a website. If your link looks like , you should use this option.
      • Torrent - A torrent file or magnet link. Torrent files are preferred over magnet links, but not required.
      • Attached - Your file is directly attached to the post. Submissions must be >100 MB. Do not use this if your only attached file is a torrent file.
      • Open directory - The material is made available through the directory index of a web server. This is almost always a simple list of links to files and folders. Our file server is a good example of this. Another example is provided in the image below.
      • Other - If none of the options above are applicable.
    • Rarity - Free-for-all field, for fun and glory. Specify how rare the material is, in your opinion.
    • Alternative download sources - Include any mirrors or alternate links to the material you are submitting, if applicable.
  9. Don't get angry. If I don't approve something you submit, don't take it personally. We all make mistakes.
You should read this before submitting files here.
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