1. spun

    Vintage Drum Machines / Akai Stock Floppy Discs / Drum Sample Collection

    A collection of stock Akai, Korg, Yamaha and Roland sounds ripped from floppy discs sold alongside the original units and from the drum machines themselves. Got this from a mate in highschool who got it off of a MPC nerd he worked with. Contains floppy disc rips from: MPC60 MPC 2000 MPC 2000XL...
  2. faen

    💠  📎 smol 📦 misc. archive 2022-05-29

    the club was a cursed browser mmo by crows crows crows. it featured primarily music created by their small community, and sick unique avatars you could change by going through a portal found in the downstairs bathroom. i fuckin love this place and spent a ton of time hanging out here, until it...
  3. faen

    💠 📎 smol 📦 misc. ALEPH's Drum Collection (05.07.22) 2022-05-09

    A drumkit by Kai Maynard, an american Electronic Music producer. I might archive his packs found on Splice if I can get them.
  4. ninturez0

    💠 🎶 music Rhythm Lab Amen Breaks packs 2022-04-29

    Rhythm Lab Amen Breaks packs Every single time someone puts one of these loops in their songs and calls it "breakcore" without so much as even chopping it up a little bit, it causes a random kitten somewhere in the world to spontaneously combust and burn to death horribly.
  5. ninturez0

    💠 🎶 music Blu Mar Ten - Jungle Jungle 2022-04-23

    Blu Mar Ten - Jungle Jungle A sample pack made entirely out of sounds ripped from other jungle tracks. The original URL mentioned in the PDF that comes with the sample pack appears to be dead. However, the pack itself remains in the "/wp-content" directory on the website, and the pack can...
  6. Johnny Too Bad

    💠  🎶 music Old School Vox 2022-04-12

    I accidentally found this sound pack from a user on soulseek. Luckily i was able to download the entire collection without getting banned (fuck those snobby cunts on soulseek). Because of the fickle nature of soulseek, this pack is too good to be lost from the interwebs. This pack is stuffed...
  7. ninturez0

    💠 🎶 music The Machine 2022-04-12

    The Machine Info: src: List of Sampled Machines:
  8. ninturez0

    💠  🎶 music breakcore is not a good way to get laid 2022-02-16

    breakcore is not a good way to get laid its kinda true tho omg real video from the pack its a badly organized sample pack i found on mediafire. every folder is riddled with ableton live metadata but i'm just uploading it as is. despite the title of the...
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