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  1. faen

    Looking for software please help

    woah, that sounds like a cool project. i honestly have no idea, though.
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  3. faen

    Windows Japan Anime Themepacks

    faen submitted a new resource: Windows Japan Anime Themepacks - released alongside windows 7 Read more about this resource...
  4. faen

    šŸ’  šŸ“Ž smol šŸ“¦ misc. Windows Japan Anime Themepacks 2022-07-29

    personally, i'm not a huge windows fan by any means. however, these themepacks are seriously cool. they came on physical CDs and were distributed in Japan surrounding the release of windows 7 in 2009. everything still works great, and its definitely cool stuff. Michael MJD has a great video...
  5. faen

    eye are see (IRC)

    just reiterating that a matrix server isn't needed and you could just make a matrix room on the homeserver,
  6. faen

    Have youā€¦heard ofā€¦cookieā˜†?

    Cookieā˜† WIki it refers to "Marisa and Alice's cookie kiss" which is a drama video thing which revolves around Touhou characters. @Nobie is referring to /jp/ on Warosu. its really just a big meme and people like to mock/be fans of the video/series. there's a lot of information, but that's the...
  7. faen

    ~ comfy box ~ internet toolbox

    oh, anyone can edit it? that's cool. does it keep a rollback of history in case someone deletes the whole thing?
  8. faen

    ~ comfy box ~ internet toolbox

    ah, its a fork of firefox with lots of mozilla's bullshit already worked out. its security and privacy oriented, and is basically everything firefox *should* be. idk how to add to the wiki but i'll just leave my recommendation above for those who scroll down
  9. faen

    ~ comfy box ~ internet toolbox

    perhaps consider adding librewolf to the browsers list for the privacy oriented user? i've been using it for years, and I adore it
  10. faen

    Post your desktop

    @Nobie dwm is awesome, i've only used it a few times but all the times i've used it i've liked it. i see element in ur tabs, what's ur matrix? i need more ppl to talk to on there
  11. faen

    Post rare stuff you listening to or sth this has been my go to jam lately, shit makes me melt
  12. faen


    holy shit, this is an insane throwback. the dss-1 was a huge part of me growing up. i always thought the joystick on it was the coolest shit hahaha. sadly, i only owned a couple floppies for it. this is a pic taken with a broken camera a long time ago, but here it is!! some stuff on the...
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  15. faen

    Post your desktop

    my daily desktop ^ my computer centered around Uxn ^
  16. uxn.jpg


  17. faen

    Gemtree Software - Peter system

    this is awesome, i had no idea this existed. thanks for sharing!
  18. faen

    Geocities MIDI Archive (2009)

    faen submitted a new resource: Geocities MIDI Archive (2009) - hey kid, want some midis? Read more about this resource...
  19. faen

    šŸ’  šŸ“Ž smol šŸŽ¶ music Geocities MIDI Archive (2009) 2022-06-30

    copped this on soulseek from and figured i'd upload it for people to enjoy here! its a collection of 48,731 MIDI files that were saved from deletion during the 2009 Geocities shutdown (aka the burning of the library of alexandria v2, seriously fuck you Yahoo!) teams of people banded...
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