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  • N (Guest) Notxeraser:
    I think the last time I did it was to burn a copy of SSBB to a DL DVD for some reason
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  • A (Guest) anon:
    I'm not sure. I think it's something to do with CD-XA.
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  • A (Guest) anon:
    Essentially, mixing CD-ROM and CD-DA tracks in a single CD.
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  • A (Guest) anon:
    Not sure what mode 2 would have to do with skipping the first 8 bytes, however.
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  • OPdbx @ OPdbx:
    how to embed video file in comment? not just name of file...
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  • OPdbx @ OPdbx:
    not sure if my chats are being sent. is red normal?
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  • rufus @ rufus:
    I can see your red texts šŸ‘
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  • rufus Chat Bot:
    rufus rufus has joined the room.
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    Guest JJayGamer E has joined the room.
  • J Chat Bot:
    Guest JJayGamer has joined the room.
  • J (Guest) JJayGamer:
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  • J (Guest) JJayGamer:
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  • J (Guest) JJayGamer:
    why does core keygen download link not work
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  • J (Guest) JJayGamer:
    Quote Link
  • J (Guest) JJayGamer:
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  • J (Guest) JJayGamer:
    wait why did i send that
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  • Krang @ Krang:
    sup y'all
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  • faen @ faen:
    comfy gang, hello all
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  • vice @ vice:
    wassup yall i just made an account after lurking as a guest for several times here
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  • hypersphere @ hypersphere:
    Hey I'm looking for stuff that isn't in the downloads area, but might be a good idea to have
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  • hypersphere @ hypersphere:
    I want a complete collection of all car manuals. All schematics, service procedures, etc
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  • hypersphere @ hypersphere:
    It is possible to get, but the amount of work to get them would be harrowing
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  • hypersphere @ hypersphere:
    Total size would probably be about 3tb
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  • hypersphere @ hypersphere:
    People used to have collections like this
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    hypersphere @ hypersphere: People used to have collections like this